hello february! | blogging changes & updates

Hello! Today on maggie’s doodles, I’m going to be welcoming February by chatting about my latest blog designs! I LOVE the pink theme I’m going with for this month 😀 ❤ well actually, the theme (Dara) is staying the same, but the customization and everything is pink… you get what I mean lol

Click here to take a pretty tour of my blog! Everything is decked out for February.

blogging changes & updates

— updated home page! The link/heading colors have been changed, and there are a few new doodles, too! You can also see the pretty quote design I made below.

a beautiful new background image (pink hearts 😍) – I found it on Pixabay and immediately fell in love with it! I really recommend that website for blog design resources 😄

new featured image color palette! It’s been months since I featured pink in my designs, so I’m really excited to be using pink again!

— february sign-off – it’s pretty and I like the quote that goes with it! Check it out:

— variety of new fonts – I’ve been using ChunkFive and WildYouth (they sound weird now that I’m typing their names out lol) for a long time, so I wanted to change things up!

— NEW DOODLE SERIES! It’s going to be released very very soon, so be on the lookout for that! This mystery series ( 😉 ) will be awesome, inspirational, and best of all, adorable 😀 ❤

what’s coming up in february?

For me personally… I don’t know yet! lol

I have many blog post ideas! So those will be slowly getting written and published this month 😀 ❤

When it comes to my everyday life, I have some ideas for that too. I’d love to read more books, organize my closet, work out (probably inside because it won’t. stop. raining ._. hah), play fun games, and hang out with my family. Actually, that sounds like what I do all the time :’D haha but maybe with a lil’ more intention!

What will you be doing in February? Have you redesigned your blog for this month? I’d love to hear from you!


p.p.s. I’m doing my normal sign-off for this post since the rest of February’s gonna be seeing a lot of the new one 😂

22 thoughts on “hello february! | blogging changes & updates”

  1. I love everything! I really admire all the effort you put into the blog. It’s inspiring. Unfortunately, I’ll be only studying 😂 looks like your scheduele is more fun than mine!

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  2. I personally hate pink but wow, your blog looks SO GOOD in it! I love how everything is so unified and cute and pretty 😂👏
    (P.s I’m sorry I’m kind of spamming your notifications 😂 I’m trying to catch up on all blogs I missed)

    Liked by 1 person

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