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400 followers, a doodle gift & ask me questions!

Hey there! How’s it goin’? 😀 ❤ I hope you’re having a fabulous day!

Once upon a time, Maggie was paying attention to her stats. She noticed earlier that week that a very exciting moment was coming!

Just a few spam followers more (lol), a couple of real followers, and then…!

maggie’s doodles reached 400 followers!

Yeah! Thank you SO much!! 🎉 ❤

To all the people who regularly read and comment on my blog: I really appreciate your support and interest in my content! It means a lot to me to know you find my blog special. ❤

To the spam followers who made it possible for me to surpass 400 followers: thank you. 🤣 like, you’re not reading this now, you probably never will, but it’s because of these random accounts that I surpassed this exciting number! Your numerical support is small, yet it had big results.

You guys wanna hear a fun fact? I got between 50 and 100 new spam followers when I did that yoga post back in November. I can’t decide if I like that or not haha

doodle gift

To celebrate this follower milestone, accurate or otherwise🤣, I have a doodle gift for you!

The first four people to comment on this post
can request a custom doodle!

I’ll create them to the best of my ability
and update the post with the results.

I’m sooo excited to see what interesting things you commenters request! I thought it would be a really fun way to give back to you guys and show my appreciation.

Also, to clarify: the first four people to comment doodle requests will be chosen. And I have the right to overlook an inappropriate/graphic doodle request, which I doubt I’ll get but anyway xD

The doodles have been completed!

Poorwa’s doodle:

I doodled a little girl walking through life in a musical way! The banner above her can be sheet music or a rainbow – whichever you prefer! And she’s wearing headphones jamming out to chill tunes ❤

Diamond’s doodle:

This is Cherry and Cherie, two of my favorite stuffies from Diamond’s blog! This is just the Sharpie version, and I’d like to colorize it eventually as well. They’re both so cute and have great personalities!

Evin’s doodle:

Okay. This is probably THE most detailed doodle I’ve ever done! There’s Evin/a girl ( 😉 ), sitting on a zebra-print bedspread, eating from a box of Oreos. There’s 1D references all around, her shirt says ‘yo’ but you can’t really tell, and she’s watching good ole Peppa! 😀 EEEE THE CURLY HAIR IS MY FAVE PART

The One Who Always Talks’s doodle:

Using the FOUR cover pictures for reference, I drew the One Direction boiiiis! I- I can’t. It turned out PERFECTLY. LOOK AT NIALL’S HAIR- *faints*

Now for the last part of this post! I’ve never done a Q&A on this blog… yet. So we’re gonna get one in the works today! 😀

If you’d like to ask me
any questions,
please comment them

down below!

If someone already asked me something you were going to ask, like that comment to let me know you want to know the answers to those same questions! And by the way, it’s totally fine if you don’t have any questions for me 😀 ❤

I’ll post a response post after a couple of days/a week to give you guys time to comment!

What’s your most recent blog accomplishment? Even if you weren’t one of the first four commenters, what’s something you’d love to see me doodle? Let’s chat in the comments!

99 thoughts on “400 followers, a doodle gift & ask me questions!”

    And I love the custom doodles you made, TOOO CUTEE!!
    Also, le questions for you!
    What was the most challenging part of 2020?
    Most life giving part of 2020?
    What is your favorite Disney movie?
    Confetti or glitter?
    What inspired you to put doodles in your blog posts?

    Excited to read your answers!
    -kaelyn 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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