my dream house

Hello! Today I thought I would do a really fun post 😀 ❤ I got this idea from Evin’s list of 99 Blog post ideas, over on Living the Blogging Life! That’s the collaborative blog advice website I’m part of with my blogging friends. We love sharing our tips and blog experiences there, so please check it out if you’re interested! I’m super thankful for Evin’s list of ideas because this post was made possible by her haha

I’ll be sharing my dream house with you today! I got all of these pictures from Pixabay, which is a really cool free stock photo website. You’re welcome to use any pics you like on there on your blog!

my dream house

Ahhh look! There it is!! 😍💛 As you pull up the gently winding driveway, this is the side view of the house.

Here is the very lovely front porch! I may invite you to sit in the porch swing one day to share some lemonade and scones with me another time, but today’s house tour day. 😉

Off to the left through the first doorway, you will find the main living space! This is where my family and I spend time playing card games, watching some vintage TV shows (‘I Love Lucy‘ and ‘The Andy Griffith Show‘), reading, learning, and relaxing. You’re welcome to try out the plush couch and soft chairs before we check out the next room!

Here’s the kitchen and main dining area! I love the windows facing the east side of the property, which unfortunately aren’t pictured in full here. The breakfast nook is such a cozy place to eat!

Oh look!! Here’s a better view of the breakfast nook 😍 As you can see, we were just having breakfast. Fruit bowl, anyone?

This is our home coffee shop! Eventually, we’re gonna convert this room into a complete office/library, but this is the beautiful setup for now.

If you turn around, on the opposite wall you’ll find this corner! It’s where I keep most of my books, write blog posts, play the ukulele, and display gorgeous fairylights and collectibles.

Now let’s go to the second floor!

Isn’t this a beautiful staircase??

The first door on your right leads to the bathroom! It is elegantly designed, featuring a shower/bath combo, a frosted view of the front yard, and a hidden speaker system which broadcasts ambient music, completing the relaxing feel.

Next, we come to the guest bedroom! It’s a perfectly cozy space, designed to accommodate the luggage and bags a guest may bring with them. The farthest wall has glass doors, which leads you outside to the balcony with a view of the side yard!

The final room of the house is the master bedroom! There’s the cozy bed and some of my favorite wall art. Not pictured are a set of bookshelves and a dresser.

Now there’s one last thing I’m really excited to show you about the house!

We have a few horses!! *eee* 💜 They’re such beautiful creatures and awesome companions.

Thank you so much for reading! This was a lot of fun to write!

Have you ever done a dream house post like this? Let me know if you have – I’d love to read it!

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