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a photoshoot with my winter honeybee

Hi! Yesterday afternoon, I went for a walk with my family. While Samuel and I were walking through a field, I spotted a honeybee pollinating a flower… in the middle of winter!

Now, I’m not all that familiar with the lifestyle of bees. 😂💛 I don’t know if being a busy bee in the middle of January in Georgia is normal. (Do bees hibernate…?) Either way, this bee was chillin’ on a dandelion. He was so distracted by his work that I was able to take some pictures!

doodle rendition of yesterday’s photoshoot. haha

Let’s check out the photos I took!

a photoshoot with
my winter honeybee

I added a photo filter from RookieCam (‘Elf’) and some light leaks for a cool effect.

I can’t BELIEVE I took this with my iPhone!! It focused so well and was being really agreeable yesterday haha

This one is sooo dramatic. Can you hear the violin music?

Thanks for letting me take photos of you, little guy!

Thank you so much for reading! I hope you enjoyed this mini nature photoshoot along with my new doodles 😀 ❤

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