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come on a bike ride with me!

Hello! Yesterday, Joshua and I went on an afternoon bike ride. I took pictures on our little trip so I can show you what it’s like when we go riding! 😀 ❤

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So I wasn’t sure how great the nature pics would turn out, since it’s winter and 92% of the trees’ foliage is dead. (lol very specific number) But the CLOUDS yesterday were feeling very photogenic!

That picture’s from the drive. Like, they look like a cotton ball blanket haha

My weather app said it was ‘drizzling’ when we left the house, but 🤨😂 there was no rain. Just a lot of clouds! 💙

like look at those guys

I really love going on bike rides in the late morning, but it makes more sense to go in the afternoon in the winter since the ‘high’ (which is actually quite low lol) is reached like right after lunch.

Joshua took this picture for me when we got there! That’s my nice, pale green bike 🚴‍♀️ and my biking attire: magenta helmet, maroon jacket, jeans, and my tennis shoes. lol

I realized after taking this picture that my bike needs to be cleaned. haha

The little Zefal bag is a compartment for my phone and anything I need to bring with me! Yesterday I just brought my phone, keys, and hand sanitizer. oh and my water, which is secured by a rubber band on the handle bars. (If I don’t rubber band it, it flies out in the bumps haha)

look what I saw on the lake! DUCKIES! 🦆

Guess what I realized I needed after riding for thirty seconds?


Because biking wind is cold. ☃️😂

The photo above is from my favorite part of the ride! They’re like these gently rolling hills that are easy to pedal on, and the view of the lakeside is great. 💙

look at tiny Joshua hehe

Every time we ride by this epic view, I just wanna stop and take a bunch of pictures of it. I did take a few, but we didn’t stay long because we were able to stay warm by riding 😀 ❤ haha

Sometimes, I’ll take a photo and go how did I take that with my iPhone??!! It’s got a mind of its own haha

This is my it’s-cold-but-I’ve-still-got-a-smile-on-my-face selfie trio. bahaha

Btw I totally forgot I had my sunglasses hanging from my jacket for the whole ride. I’m really glad they didn’t fall off heh

I love it when the clouds look like a painting! (Or maybe… some paintings resemble real clouds… *questions things*)

Thank you so much for reading! Joshua and I had a lot of fun biking yesterday (especially once my hands warmed up, haha). The pictures turned out really nice and I enjoyed taking you virtually along with me! 😉

Which picture was your favorite? Do you like going biking? Let’s chat in the comments!

23 thoughts on “come on a bike ride with me!”

  1. Those pictures turned out really amazing!!
    I luff riding my bike and I ride it everyday, or whenever I can😀
    But it’s been raining an awful lot which makes the roads not so nice, but I also like biking in the rain-
    Nice post!!

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