my (current) top favorite apps

Hello and welcome back! There are different apps I’ve really been enjoying using on my phone recently, so I thought this post would be a fun way to chat about them! I have some recommendations if you’re looking for new editing apps, a few games to try out, and more! So stay tuned 😀 ❤

my (current)
top favorite apps

These are in no particular order.
Ok well they’re in the order I took pictures of them on my phone haha

#1: Superimpose

I’ve been making digital art on this awesome thing since 2014! The app doesn’t look very exciting lol, but BOI does it allow me to make some epic artwork. I use it to make my featured images, bring my doodles to life, make phone wallpaper, and other various creative projects!

There are probably 50+ features I don’t even know how to use yet. But the like 12 that I’m familiar with, any digital art customization is possible!

It’s like a buck ($1) in the App Store, but since then Superimpose X has come out and idk what either app cost now. But I 10/10 recommend the OG Superimpose. 😀

#2: PicLab

I don’t know why it says PhotoEditor. lol

PicLab’s another great digital art app! The only thing I’ve purchased on there was to remove the watermark for like $1.99. The other customization tools I like using are free: photo filters, some text fonts (although it’s glitchy and won’t save right ._. hah), awesome stickers, and fun background patterns.

#3: Firefox

Ahhh. An essential! Firefox is helpful for web browsing, getting pictures to edit with from Pixabay, reading inspirational articles, and any other random thing I look up. Safari works too, but I alternate back and forth between them.

#4: Dancing Road

Why do I love this app, you say? Because I found two Korean songs I like on it! haha sadly, I’m not gonna be paying for the premium subscription, so I can only play a few songs. ;-; lol but those Korean songs are a lot of fun.

To take the screenshot above, I instantly died afterward because the screen flashed and blocked my view haha

#5: RookieCam

If I had to pick only one editing app to use for the rest of my life, this would be the one! RookieCam is FABULOSO. The text customization: pristine. The stickers: pretty awesome. The borders: very nice. The filters: pretty good, but a little too dim. The cropping tool: perfect. xD

If you’ve never given RookieCam a try, do so now!! haha

#6: Sketch a Day

GUYS. *throws confetti* *dances around excitedly* I have discovered an awesome app that’s perfect for artists!!!!! A few weeks ago, I found Sketch a Day in the App Store and thought I’d give it a try, and I LOVE IT!

Every day, a new daily prompt is released and artists are invited to share their artwork that matches the prompt! You can share up to 3 submissions a day. The art can be something you created entirely on your own, or if you used a reference photo, they ask that you link to it. The community is fairly small, so moderators make sure all the pics being uploaded are relevant, that plagiarism isn’t happening, and that everyone is being friendly!

If you’d like to check out my profile, my username is @maggiethedoodler ! Let me know if you join this app and I’ll come favorite you! 😀 ❤

#7: PhotoGrid

I love making photo collages on this one! I also used it today to make all of the app/screenshot photos. haha

That’s kind of all I have to say about PhotoGrid. lol it’s pretty straight-forward, and I only use it for collages. The other customization (text, filters, stickers, backgrounds) are okay but not my favorite.

#8: WordPress

You know it!! haha

I love using the WP app to read comments, comment on blog posts (although usually I do it on my laptop becaue it’s nicer for my hands), upload photos from my phone, aaaaaand upkeep stuff.

#9: Terrarium

This is such a CUTE, fun game!! Terrarium is an adorable little app where you can water and grow virtual plants. Here’s the best thing about it: the plants never die. lol so if you have a history of house plants dying on you (*ahem* me), you’ll love this. If you don’t check on them for four days, they’ll be fine. 😉 if you over-water them, you’l level up faster. You literally can’t lose. bahah

Thank you so much for reading! I had fun chatting about these apps.

What are your current favorite apps? Do we have any favorites in common? I’d love to hear from you!

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