{doodlemas} day thirteen – hot cocoa

Hi-ho and be merry! We are back (well… I am) with another doodle. We’re almost two weeks into this series! 😀

You can see all of my #Doodlemas2020 drawings by clicking here!

festive quote:

“Christmas is the season for kindling the fire of hospitality.” – Washington Irving

This is Marjorie and her mom Poppy! Marjorie wasn’t feeling very well today, so she’s been taking it easy, watching Christmas movies while cuddled up in her favorite chair. When Poppy brought in mugs of hot cocoa for the two of them, Marjorie showed her gratitude by using the ASL sign for ‘thank you.’ Since she’s deaf, that’s how she communicates with her mom. Poppy smiled and signed ‘thank you’ back to acknowledge what Marjorie said.

What’s your favorite cozy winter drink? Do you know any sign language? Let’s chat in the comments!

8 thoughts on “{doodlemas} day thirteen – hot cocoa”

  1. Aawwwhh…. adorable… and such a sweet idea!! 😍I have no idea about asl, but i would love to learn it someday!😊
    I love hot teas, but i don’t think thats only a winter drink😂 so i would say hot cocoa!!😋
    Love, Amy

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    1. Thanks so much! Sign language is really cool. It allows you to communicate with deaf people, as well as being a helpful way to talk to someone when you’re not able to say something out loud!
      Ooh yes hot cocoa! 😀 ❤


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