christmas room tour!

Hello! You’re reading the latest post on maggie’s doodles. Welcome! I’m so glad you’re here 😀

Today I’m giving you a tour of the Christmas decor in my room! I’ve been planning to do this post since December 1st. haha so I’m glad I get to talk about it with you today!

I’ve already shared a recent tour of what goes where in our room (I share a room with Elizabeth and Samuel), which you can check out here. Now that you’ve checked that out (or you’re at least aware of it 😉 hehe), we can see what my Christmas decor looks like!

Ooh one note: it’s practically impossible to take one picture of the room to give a full overview. So I take pictures of certain zones, and through those you can get the full (or kind of) picture.

Here’s my entertainment center/dresser! It’s so CUTE and festive!

Seymour is cheerfully dancing under the Christmas tree banner I made myself! (Check out Seymour’s photoshoot in this post here!)

These little decorations are so adorable. There’s a Christmas tree, a snowman (Elizabeth gave him a name but I can’t remember what it is now), and a Christmas cabin!

Look at those stockings!! They’re not for filling with candy or presents, just decoration, but I love them all the same. 😀

Right by the door leading out into the main part of the house, we have some awesome snowflakes I cut out (thanks to Pinterest tutorials! and I had the idea for the cardstock backing), and a sign that says BELIEVE. Kind of intense but also very cute. 😉

Here’s my bedside shelving unit! I’ve decided that for December, the art supplies I’ll keep on it are #Doodlemas2020-related for easy access (shameless self-promo). There’s also a Santa basket (it’s hilarious and 110% Christmassy and I love it), two wooden signs that look like snowglobes (the one on the right is what inspired this doodle!), and… Thor!

YUP. I made him a Santa hat. Shortly after taking these pictures however, it fell off and I realized it was not going to stay on. #RipThor’sSantaHat *sad violin music*

AND NOW! For a fun surprise tour of… Elizabeth’s new bed and decor!

LOOK! She now has a pink bed, complete with a unicorn bedspread, pink stuffed animals (which she’s had for a while but I keep them on her bed for added effect), and the little crib for her other stuffed animals. She loves it and I do too!

Look how CUTE it is!

I made some new wall art for Elizabeth! While helping my dad put the new bed together, I drew these cute doodles and then colored them in.

First we have the doodle versions of how Elizabeth and Izzy would look in ball gowns. SUPER adorable!!

Then we have a unicorn! I used a unicorn illustration from Google for reference, then I made it my own. I had the rainbow trail idea! And I added the little quote to see if Elizabeth would be able to read it, and she can!! 😀

Ooh, one last thing before we go! I made this candy cane artwork to go along with my Christmas decor, and my tiny hedgehog statue has a Santa hat too! You can barely see him because the fairy lights were forcing me to take pictures at strange angles, lol.

That’s all for today! (Well, and today’s doodle, but you know what I mean.) Thanks so much for reading! I appreciate your comments and I’d love to hear from you.

How have you decorated your room for Christmas? Do you like the new wall art I made for Elizabeth? Let’s chat in the comments!

30 thoughts on “christmas room tour!”

  1. I love your tours!!! 😊I was excited when i saw the post title…. and I was not disappointed!!😉
    Those three decorations on the dresser…. 😍 so cute and kinda sparkly too!!🌟
    You rocked those snowflakes!!😍❄❄ I absolutely love the ‘BELIEVE’ sign… 💚❤💚
    #RipThor’sSantaHat loll🤣 you def have a great sense of humour Maggie!!😅❤
    Elizabeth’s bed is so cute!!!! But my fav part are your drawings!!! 😍😍 I espiecially live the unicorn one 🦄
    Awwwwh! I see a lil cute hedgehog with a christmas hat peeking at me!!🥰
    I loved this post Maggie!
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! They’re a lot of fun to take pictures for, and I have fun describing them in the posts 😀 ❤
      Yeahhh! haha thanks! I wish his hat had lived longer… #rip lol
      YES! It's such a pretty addition to our room! and thank you, I'm so happy with how the drawings turned out!
      Thank you again Amy!


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