9 reasons why i’m not on facebook and twitter (anymore)

Hello! Welcome back to maggie’s doodles. ❤ If it’s your first time here, welcome! This is the place where I share inspiration from my life and have a great time. 🙂 I’m happy to have you along!

One type of post I really enjoy writing from time to time are the ones where I reflect on my personal experiences. It’s so enjoyable to share the lessons I’ve learned! Through them, I’m able to connect with you guys more, and I learn about myself as well. ❤

Today I’m talking about Facebook and Twitter! It’s been six years since I was last on FB, and three years since I tweeted (haha) anything on Twitter. How do I do it? Well, I’ll let you in on my secrets in this post 😉

Of course, if you’re someone who enjoys using these platforms, that’s totally fine with me! I wasn’t having fun on either website toward the end of my time using them, which is why I left.

This post is not written to persuade you to get off them. What I would like to do is share my experience, and if you can relate, then it’s something we can chat about in the comments!

(Unkindness will not be tolerated, and any remarks intended to hurt me or someone else will be deleted.)

reasons why i’m not on
facebook or twitter (anymore)

I like to start these posts by reminiscing on the fun times I had while using these websites! It may look at first like well, why did you get off if you were having such an awesome time XD but you’ll understand why (well, I hope you do) after reading about why I got off.

I’m learning how to appreciate the fun I had, while also seeing that it’s not worth it to me to stay somewhere where the great experiences are few and far between.

why I joined facebook:

I joined it in 2012 to stay connected with a few girls I knew from another website I was leaving. (There’s a recurring theme in my online habits I’m finding lol) So, I had fun playing Facebook games with them! There was The Price is Right and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader… OH and Caféland! I played that last one by myself, and it was adorable and so fun. I even customized the waiter and cook to look like Zayn and Niall from 1D!

I changed my Facebook cover and profile picture all the time (usually to something cute or One Direction-related), and I shared status updates occasionally but that wasn’t very fun. I “liked” different businesses and websites I enjoyed shopping at and checking out, but the self promotion got tiring and I wasn’t the biggest fan of my Home page.

Fast-forward to 2013, and I had a friend who (in my best interest) tried to reconnect me with another friend whom I’d had a falling out with. It sounded like an okay idea to me at first, but I was quickly reminded of why I’d stopped talking to them. The two of us had different ideas of what our friendship had been like, and the imbalance in how we cared about each other resurfaced. It really hurt, and I think it was shortly after that when I reevaluated why I was still on Facebook and made the decision to leave.

why I left facebook:

  • I was no longer playing the FB games
  • the friends I had made were just acquaintances
  • things got awkward after that re-connection fell through
  • I preferred using other platforms to stay up to date with websites and businesses
  • I got really tired of the “mutual friend” recommendations

why I joined twitter:

I joined Twitter in 2015 because I loved watching the TV show Poirot. I had the awesome idea to reach out to the actors on there and let them know how much I enjoyed the show! Three of the four main actors in the series were active on Twitter at the time, so I tweeted at them. (That sounds obnoxious for some reason, lol! All I did was tell them I loved seeing them in the show and asked them what their favorite episode to make was.) Well… two of them RESPONDED! I was fangirling all over the place, haha.

Hugh Fraser replied and told me his favorite episode and why (The ABC Murders, if you were wondering!) and Pauline Moran I think said she appreciated my love for the show. I was the happiest 15 year old around, believe you me. xD

That totally boosted my confidence in chatting with famous people! In the months that followed, I bravely (lol) stepped out and tagged famous people to strike up conversation with them. I got a reply from Jim Gaffigan (an American comedian) one time! I also chatted some with the Christian band Leeland, which is awesome because the lead singer and his brother are so friendly.

So eventually, I found my way to the political side of Twitter. People REALLY share what they feel there. At first I was intrigued because there was so much going on and I felt like I was part of the action, but after a while, I was no longer feelin’ it.

why i left twitter:

  • I was tired of the unnecessary/amplified negativity
  • it felt like everyone else had people to interact with, and then there was me: a lonely potato
  • it wasn’t bringing any positivity to my life
  • I tried to grow my blog’s audience through sharing posts on there, but that didn’t happen

Sooo the Facebook games were a lot of fun for a while, and it made me really happy to interact with some famous people on Twitter! But when those websites just were not doing it for me anymore, I deactivated and headed out.

I’ll find that it’s more beneficial to invest my time and energy into the handful of websites I really love, instead of splitting my focus between them trying to make many platforms I simply like work.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post! I enjoyed writing it and

Are you a former user of Facebook and/or Twitter? Why did you decide to leave? Which social platforms do you enjoy using the most? Let’s chat in the comments!

34 thoughts on “9 reasons why i’m not on facebook and twitter (anymore)”

  1. I have never used either😂 But I really enjoyed reading and learning from your experience!🥰 You are sooo licky to have gotten a response from those famous people!!😅😉
    My fav social platform is def wordpress!❤ And pinterest!😅
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hehe in my opinion, you’re better off! I’m glad you enjoyed the post ❤ haha yeah! I'm really glad they noticed me – it made my day xD
      Same! Pinterest is such a cool website 😀


  2. I just love reading your posts Maggie, you are so articulate and smart. I love articulate and smart! In person I struggle to express myself with out too much waffle 🤣🤣🤣
    I thought this one was great!! I am surprised that so many of the commenters have never used either or have stopped. Maybe only people who agree comment? Or maybe people who join WordPress are looking for something different?
    FB was very bad for me. Well there were good bits, and I did catch up with old friends, but the curated lives of others didn’t make me feel very good about my own life. I’ve been off FB for years – except for a short stint on a private FB group to keep in touch with people after I left a site/group thingy. But I had a fake name and only interacted with that one page even so I didn’t stay very long as it didn’t really work very well.
    I’ve had a few goes at joining Twitter and just always end up being overwhelmed. I’ve very recently joined again as I have a specific interest in a type of medical research. But I can already see I’m not going to last long. Even limiting myself to the one topic I’m still bombarded with stuff I don’t want to see.
    My IG experience started well but evolved into being very like my FB experience so I quit that a few years ago too. I have recently joined up again, but it’s just my dogs and I enjoy interacting with other crazy dog people. Presenting a perfect life isn’t any crazy dog owners objective – well none that I’ve seen so far.
    I was sorry to read that you are no longer using IG. I actually looked you up on IG as I really enjoy this site and wondered if you were there. The last post you made about walking around with you shirt inside out, and discovering a stray hair roller in the back of your hair after being out and about really had me laughing. – thank you 🙏
    I’m really surprised that FB is still going, and seems to have grown. Often if I want to go to a link on the independent news I follow the only place to see videos is FB!!! – not rejoining!!
    Anyways sorry this has turned into such a long comment. Thanks again for such a thoughtful post. 💖🌸

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you! Haha 🤣
      Yeah that was interesting. Apparently so! No one has come along yet that really loves any of these social media platforms 😉 or they did and don’t love them anymore, like me.
      It really felt unnatural to know that much information about my acquantances, old friends, etc. because if they were people I knew in real life, I would NOT have been all up in their business that much!! lol
      Twitter… yeah, it moves along pretty quickly. And I could be part of that flow, but I didn’t feel like I fit in at all. I think with any social media platform, if you connect with others there, it makes all the difference! If you jump in knowing no one, chances are you may never find a group to fit in with.
      That’s something I’ve found to be beneficial as well! By joining a certain niche or doing something very specific on a website, it reduces the chance of things becoming too much, like with what happens with personal accounts and such. Glad that’s working out for you on IG so far 😀
      Yeah instagram was fun while it lasted for me, but I’m okay to be off there now! Glad that made you laugh lol!
      Right?? I kind of feel like FB is similar to MySpace – aka, gone/old news lol. But it’s obviously not. It’s just been so many years since I personally used it, but apparently hundreds of thousands of people still use it!
      Yeah I’ve used Instagram similarly! I don’t have an account on there, but a few accounts whose content I enjoy seeing are ones I’ll visit occasionally.
      That’s alright! You’re welcome, and I enjoyed hearing from you. 🙂

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