{doodlemas} day five – tree

Hi!! Thanks for being here ❤ I can’t wait to show you today’s doodle!

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festive quote:

“Christmas is most truly Christmas when we celebrate it by giving the light of love to those who need it most.” – Ruth Carter Stapleton

This is Frank and his son, Elliot! They’re decorating their Christmas tree in the living room while Elliot’s mom wraps presents in his parents’ bedroom. When Elliot can’t reach high enough to hang all the ornaments, Frank is happy to help him out.

Where do you keep your Christmas tree in your house? Do you have a tall tree or a short tree? Let’s chat in the comments!

24 thoughts on “{doodlemas} day five – tree”

    1. Wow, that’s pretty tall😂 i mean, i think that’s normal… since I see some others commenting that their’s is 9 foot, or 8 foot and even 12 foot!!😯 Our’s is tiny compared to that…. it’s around 5 foot! But we have had it for a long time and decorate it with homemade love!🥰

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      1. Yeah haha I thought it was! Not compared to the 9 and 12-footers though! :O XD aw awesome! I think even 3 foot trees are great, because having a festive tree is the important part, not the height. I’m sure you guys’ tree is beautiful! ❤


  1. We have our tree in our family/office/entry room (lol, it is a multi purpose room, I suppose.)
    This year we have a small tree. We always get a living tree, so each year it is different. This year the tree is small, like not even 6 feet tall. XD

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    1. Awesome! Yeah we have a combination den/pantry/game room in our house 🤣 very functional, but quite busy!
      Oh cool! We have a fake tree and we use the same one every year, so obviously it’s always the same height lol. I’m sure yours is a cute tree this year! 😂❤️


  2. Adorable!!

    We have a small potted tree, that we put on the coffee table. It’s our second, the first, Fat Albert, passed away.😔 So last year we got another one, and she’s out on the back porch currently. We’re all dreading carrying her in.😅

    Lovely doodle Maggie!

    Happy Saturday!🤍

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    1. Thanks! Aww rest in peace, Fat Albert ❤️ I’m sure your coffee table tree looks great! Yeah… we have a fake tree and when we take it down after Christmas, it sheds fake pine needles everywhere. 😂👍🏼
      Thank you Bea! Happy Saturday to you, too!

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  3. That is so cute!
    We just got a new tree this year. It’s 7 feet, and our last one was 6, so it’s a bit taller! Currently it’s in our living room, but next year I’m not sure where it will be as we still need to do a bit of renovating!

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