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a photoshoot with my felt snowman

Hello! I’m so glad you’re here 😀 ❤ This month, I’m focusing on Christmas/winter on my blog! My content has been festively curated so that YOU get to have awesome, winter-y content bringing holiday cheer to your Reader all December long. ❤

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Today I’m sharing a funny photoshoot with you! I haven’t done one of these in a while, so it’s time for a brand new one. It’s gonna be a lot of fun!

If you haven’t seen one of my photoshoots before, check out these beauts:

Now that you’re well-acquainted with my expansive, funny photoshoot history ( 😉 ), it’s time to enjoy today’s!

a photoshoot with my felt snowman ☃️

Once upon a time, Maggie was decorating her room for the holidays. One of these decorations was a DIY felt snowman kit she thought would be fun to put together. So, bright and early on the morn’ of December 1st (okay, it was 11 AM tehe), she brought this snowman to life.

This is the story of Seymour the snowman.

Ahhh. Humble beginnings, non? haha

look at the eyes/mouth mold XD

In the pics that follow, you’ll see how I captured Seymour in different poses with various funny faces. Let’s see how they turned out!

#1: optimistic


#3: thoughtful

#4: why, THANK you!

#5: innovative

#6: disheartened

#7: uh…

#8: proud

#9: mythical

AND NOW… the final Seymour…

Ta-da!!! He’s waving at all of you lovely blog readers!

Here’s Seymour’s backstory: he loves wintertime and all things Christmas-y! When he found out he was going to get to be part of my Christmas decor (AND a blog post all about him, which he thinks is a tremendous honor), Seymour was the happiest snowman ever.

Seymour was part of a big family growing up, which is a lot of fun in so many ways! However, sometimes he felt like his individuality wasn’t very strong. When you grow up with a lot of siblings, it’s important to feel noticed and spend time with people who appreciate your company and love you for who you are! When Seymour realized he’s special and unique in his own way, his personality started to grow and his happiness was evident to all.

Seymour’s experience is something I relate to in my own life! Being the oldest of five kids is a big responsibility and has several positives. Along the way, I’ve found how important it is to recognize who I am as an individual. I have an important role to play in our family, which I can do most effectively when I’m thriving emotionally! ❤ So that’s our encouragement to you today!

Thank you so much for reading! We’d love to hear from you:

Which pose of Seymour’s was your favorite? What are your thoughts on your individuality, identity, and/or role in your family? Let’s chat in the comments!

33 thoughts on “a photoshoot with my felt snowman”

  1. My fav snowman of all time…… *miniature drum roll* (i copied the drum roll thing from one of your previous posts lol)…. Seymour the Snowman!!!😍🥰❤👏🏼👏🏼
    I love all the different poses!😂❤ the ‘oopsie’ and ‘why thank you’ and ‘uh’ ones are so cute and brought a huge smile to my face!!❤😁
    I too, am the eldest of five siblings… and it can be hard to feel noticed and individual… your words are soooo encouraging, and I appreciate your advice!🥰❤
    Love, Amy

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