{doodlemas} day one – reindeer

Hi! This is the very first #Doodlemas2020 doodle! Let’s get right into it!

You can see all of my #Doodlemas2020 drawings by clicking here!

festive quote:

“Freshly-cut Christmas trees smelling of stars and snow and pine resin – inhale deeply and fill your soul with wintry night.” – John J. Geddes

This is Randy the reindeer! He’s so happy that Christmas is finally near. He loves dancing around in the snow with his friends, snuggling up at night with his family to stay warm, and admiring all of the pretty Christmas decorations. One of his favorite things to look at is the snowy bush near his house, which is draped in pretty lights.

What’s your favorite Christmas decoration? Are you excited about this new doodle series?? (I am!) Let’s chat in the comments!

35 thoughts on “{doodlemas} day one – reindeer”

  1. My favorite decoration is a little snowman ornament I loved seeing on our Christmas tree growing up! He has a cute smile and wears a little light green suit. ❤


  2. Eeeeeeee awesome!!!! I missed Inktober so much, I’m so happy you’re doing this!!!! 🤍

    My favorite decoration would have to be our Advent Wreath that me and my mum made when I was really little, made out of paper sacks from Whole Foods, painted green. We lived in Texas then, and we didn’t have any evergreen branches, so we made some!

    Happy Tuesday!🤍

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    1. YEAH!! I missed it too so I’m excited about Doodlemas 😍❤️
      Aw that sounds so pretty! Me favorite decorations usually end up being the ones with a great story behind why they’re special 😄💚
      Thanks! Happy Tuesday to you too!

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