I created a podcast! | come give it a listen 🤩👏🏼💜

Hello again! Well, another new post, and no new doodles. *sigh* BUT! That’ll change soon :’D For now, check out what I have to share with you toDAY!

*note: I published this post at 4 PM EST (afternoon for me), but it back published into the morning before. 😐😂 that’s why I attempted to change the publication time lol!*

I created a podcast! I never thought I’d do it, but here I am sharing the link with you to my first episode! Ooh that’s so fun to say!

It’s kinda long hah… but listen to it, let me know what you think, comment requests, and enjoy! ❤

Check it out on Spotify!

Click here to listen!

35 thoughts on “I created a podcast! | come give it a listen 🤩👏🏼💜”

  1. WHOOP WHOOP! That’s so awesome that you started a podcast, girlie!!
    How exciting!! 😀
    And… best of luck to you on this new project and opportunity!!
    *cues the fireworks, mariachi band, and ice cream bar!!
    -kaelyn 😛


  2. Btw, I am also the oldest of 5 siblings! It can be hard…. especially when i always have to set an example all the time! XD Yeah I totally get the ‘no one to look up to’ thing! Lol.


    1. That’s so awesome!! I think there are pros and cons to being an older, middle, or youngest child. I love being the oldest but some days when I’m not doing well, it’s hard to lead with a good example! XD I find myself learning from other oldest siblings and like I said, others who used to be a young adult!

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      1. That is totally true!! I love learning from other more experienced ‘oldest’ kids! Sometimes I just cry because I feel like I am not a good big sister… and I don’t know what to do about it. But I’ve learned to control myself. But I still blame and punish myself for not being a better sister and example. 😦
        IDK I just had to share that lol XD
        Anyways, have a pleasant day Maggie! ❤
        Love, Amy

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      2. Same!
        I have those days too ❤️ *hugs* I think… what’s really helped me in the long run is to focus on caring for myself as I would someone else. I think about being a good example in how I problem solve, cope with stress, and the words I say when I’m anxious or frustrated. I learn how to be a good example to my siblings through the hard days. Because I can’t expect to model how I would be on more easygoing days, so I do my part to show them how to work through stress in a positive, mature way. 🥰

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