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Hello! This post won’t have any doodles or my usual formatting, which you will understand why once you read this update. Will you sit down, grab some coffee, and have a talk with me? Let’s chat!

These past few days, I’ve been having a bad case of carpal tunnel in my right hand. That basically means I’m having joint and nerve pain shooting up my thumb and weakening my wrist. When I have this happen, it’s always an indicator that I’ve been dedicating too much time to activities that are not ergonomic or good for my body… and it’s always because I’ve been on screens too much.

I love what I do online! I text my friends, make graphic designs for my blog, write posts, read others’ blogs… but none of it is good for my hands. I’m typing this entire post with my left hand, which always cuts my typing speed down to like a fraction of how fast I usually type. I took a test one time and my average typing speed is around 100 words per minute! I’m like the Eminem of the keyboard :’D bahaha

Ask anyone who knows me if I’m fast person, and they’ll close their eyes and nod their head ‘yes.’ I think fast, move fast, talk fast – take normal human functioning to the fast-forwarded, sometimes hyper level. It feels like I’m built to live life this way, but it catches up with me physically all too frequently.

I debated over whether or not I should write this post since I’m wanting to reduce screen time lol, but I want to to hold myself accountable. Sharing this post on my blog will remind me why I need to dedicate my focus to my priorities – for my physical and mental health.

It takes a lot to slow me down. It feels completely foreign to me to take my time, to notice the little things and savor life’s precious moments. I find it kind of strange that I want to live life in a way that opposes my natural tendency, but that’s also what’s awesome about it. If I didn’t have to choose to slow down, then there wouldn’t be anything special about it. Since I have to make the decision, in everything, to live at a slower pace, it causes me to be more aware of the beautiful things that I get to see, experience, create, and feel.

So right now, I’m identifying what’s been causing my hand to hurt the most. Doodling, using my laptop, and entertainment/communication on my phone top the list. That is startling and disappointing! I love all of those things… but I’m having to do them less.

I’m glad that my body lets me know when I need to change something. I have to do what I can to minimize discomfort, even though that will mean refraining from chatting online and playing my favorite games.

I’m brainstorming other ways I’ll be spending my time. I have several nonfiction books from the library I’m excited about reading! And I’m also wanting to do some low-impact cardio workouts. My hips, neck and shoulders have all been aching as well as my hands and wrists because I was so focused on blogging and Inktober in October (I also got over a cold) that I didn’t exercise at all. My skin’s also in a poor state from eating chocolate and “treating myself” too often.

Can you tell I need to focus on my health right now?

It makes me sad that I can’t comfortably respond to comments and read your posts. I don’t know what to do about that. Even if you don’t hear from me for a few days at a time, please know that your comments mean so much to me and it puts a huge smile on my face to read them.

I’m going to care for my body and nurture my mental health by reading uplifting books and doing activities that I enjoy – ones that are simple, fun, and comfortable. I think I need to put blogging down for a while, and I may need to stop doodling as well. This is a pretty big wake-up call for me, and even though I’m majorly disappointed, I’m dedicated to doing my part to care for myself. Electronic devices are helpful in different ways, but they can quickly bring more harm than good.

Thank you for reading and I hope to hear from you. ❤

— maggie


38 thoughts on “chit-chat | life, health, & priorities”

  1. This is so important. Please focus on your health.

    I have a couple ideas on how to cut down on screen time/typing time. Give yourself a time limit. Say, “I’m going to read blogs for 20 minutes”. If you read all the blogs you want to in 20 minutes, great. If not, stop anyway. You’ll give yourself a time limit to be on your screen and you won’t be on it longer than that.
    Secondly, instead of typing up posts, maybe dictate them? I think most phones have the speech to text feature. You’ll need to edit it if it gets words wrong, but will take less typing. Plus, you aren’t staring at a screen while you “type”

    Take as much time as you need! We’ll all be here waiting for you. And there’s no need to post every day. 💜💜

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    1. Those are amazing tips, Diamond! Cutting down in screen time is incredibly needed these days.
      But, some, especially those, who either type a lot or have taken a typing course do stare at the screen while typing because there’s no need for them to look at the keyboard.

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    2. ❤ Thank you for your advice Diamond! I really appreciate it! Yes time limits help me to be more aware of how long things take. When I don't do that, I spend more time than I'd like to on screens. I'm not able to prioritize the other things I want to do when all my time's going to online activities! Even though I've loved blogging a lot recently and it's been great for my emotional health, it hasn't been good for me physically so I'm going to put that first. I'm finding other screen-free ways to be creative and have fun!
      That's a good idea! I'm not too familiar with talk-to-type functions yet, but it's definitely something I could utilize when I want to outline a post without typing.
      Thank you again Diamond! ❤

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  2. Aw..Maggie, I’m so sorry to hear that. I’m glad you have identified what’s causing it and have acknowledged your priorities. It’s truly amazing the awareness you have and I absolutely agree health is priority one. It’s absolutely fine to take some time off and devote attention to matters such as this. Till then, we’ll be awaiting your return!! Take care and stay safe!🤗❤️

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    1. I am too ❤ but I'm really happy it's helping me find other ways to enjoy being creative and have a more balanced online presence! Aw thank you 🙂 ❤ I agree! I wanted to write a post about it because transitions and redefining priorities is a part of my life sometimes, and it's challenging to talk about but I want my blog to be real! Thank you D! ❤

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  3. Oh, Maggie, I’m so sorry to hear about this! But I’m glad that you’re cutting down on things that aren’t good for your health even when it’s hard. I’ll be praying for you and I hope that you feel better soon! ❤

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    1. Yeah it’s been challenging, but I really appreciate the re-direction because it’s helping me to find different creative things I can do more comfortably! 😀 ❤ Thank you Jehosheba!


  4. I thought I already commented on this post, it seems I was mistaken XD I’m so sorry!
    I feel so bad for you! Not being able to do what we love is painful… 😦
    I really hope and pray that your hand and your health will get better! Take care dear Maggie!
    Seems like you have a real talent for typing!! Woow!!! *heart eyes emoji*
    I hope you have a great rest! *hugs
    Love, Amy


    1. Oh I’ve done that before, haha! No worries 🙂
      It really is. It didn’t last long (the discomfort), but it made me realize how thankful I am to be able to comfortably do those things most of the time!
      Thank you Amy! ❤ *hugs* It took a few days but my hand feels fine again.
      haha yeahh!! I started learning how to type young, and my skill level got faster and faster! xD Thank you! I did!

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