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even more thrift store finds + doodle reactions!

Hey there! Well this is a weird time of day to be getting a post from me, isn’t it? hehe. I’m here right now because I went on a fun outing this morning! I went to the thrift store and to the library – my top two favorite places to go! ❤ While I was there accumulating many lovely, awesome things to bring home with me, I took pictures for another thrift store finds post! I’m going to share them with you now 😀

This is the third in a series! Here’s the first post, and the second one’s here. Oh, and this one has a twist: in each picture of the thrifted finds, you’ll see a hand-drawn smiley! They’re all replicas of the faces I made when I first spotted these items. haha let me know if you made any of those faces too when you saw them!

Side note: I didn’t buy any of these items! I saw them while browsing the thrift store and I want to share them with you. I did buy other things though lol, and I’ll share them on my blog soon!

Let’s go!

even more thrift store finds!

Okay. I love this little porcelain trinket box! The cat is such a cutie. However I couldn’t come up with a good use for it, so I didn’t bring it home. lol

I’m not sure what to make of this gingerbread person. It kind of looks like it’s missing its partner, don’t you think? hehe

How pRETTY are these PLATES?! If I collected decorative plates, these would have come home with me. Because I don’t, I’ll just appreciate the memory.

Here’s a very good doggie who’s ready for their treat! Although… it has a candle on its head?? *uh…*

Rumor has it that if you jingle this tiny bell, the townspeople of Reykjavik come running. *nods solemnly* (side note: I handled it carefully so it wouldn’t jingle.)

I hereby do not wish to know what these men are doing. Or who they’re smiling at. Certainly not me.

What… what are they doing? What’s on their head? *too many questions*

Here’s a very pretty doll… holding a tiny version of herself.

How PURTAY are these seasonal teapots! The detail is exQUISite.

This. Is. SQUAD GOALS. *Avengers theme starts playing*

If this gathering came a’caroling at my door this Christmas, I’d head for the hills. The facial expressions… I- I can’t-

Have you ever wanted to meet the world’s happiest mouse? TODAY’S THE DAY! Look at this sweetheart!

And here’s a very cheerful lady with her corn!

Well I didn’t mean to end the post with the corn lady, but that’s how it happened! haha thanks for reading! I had a blast going librarying and thrift-shopping this morning, and I hope you enjoyed this post. ❤

Which thrifted find/s were your favorite? What do you buy when you go thrift shopping? Let’s chat in the comments!

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