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how my artist’s station looks right now! {nov. 2020}

Hi guys! Guess what? I’ve decided to make my doodles dreams a reality! haha kidding aside, these past few days, I’ve been working on transforming the shelves in my room to make an artist’s station! No longer will I have to wander all around the house gathering my supplies when I want to create; they’re all in one place waiting for me. 😉 (well actually I still need to buy scissors… but I’m on my way to total functionality haha I promise)

For other room tour-type posts I’ve done in the past, I really deep cleaned, tidied, rearranged, etc. the area I was going to take pictures of. I wanted to show my space at its optimal performance lol, but the truth is, there are always aspects of my life that will need some reworking, updating, and changing to accommodate real life!

The pictures I’m sharing with you in this post are a reflection of what’s real. I refrained from perfecting little things about the environment, which you may or may not be able to notice!

I hope you enjoy this real tour of what my artist’s station looks at the moment! I totally encourage everyone interested to begin your own doodle/drawing journey! 😀 If I’ve inspired you to be more creative, that’s awesome and a huge compliment to me. I’d love to see your artwork and doodle style, so be sure to share links to posts where you’ve shared your art! I’ll check them out!

Now it’s time for the tour of my artist’s station!

Here’s how it looks when you’re standing nearby! It’s a tiny little shelving unit, and I’m totally making use of it. 😉

This is the top shelf! Ooh let’s see, we have a lot going on. There are NERDS (aka my favorite candy of all time – every artist has to have an inspiring treat!), index cards and blank stickers, a notepad (for taking notes haha), scrap cardstock for upcoming projects!, masking tape (very helpful), and string (also very useful).

I made these little guys to be part of my artistry display! The blue one’s name is Penny (her lollipop flavor is blueberry creme!), and the pink one is Samantha (hers is bubblegum!). Hey, should I do a bookmark tour in the future? hehe let me know!

This is my markers bag! It takes some time to go through them and find the one I’m wanting to use, but it adds a bit of intrigue to all of my projects. Will Maggie find the marker she’s looking for today? lol

Oh and if you’re an artist too, I 110% recommend Crayola’s Fine Line + Dual Tip markers! I’m sensitive to the chemical smell of many craft supplies, but any smell from these is minimal/non-existent. And they don’t stain! *double plus*

Now we’ve come to the second shelf! Or… first shelf? You tell me 😉 There’s less going on on this shelf (whichever one it is bahaha) yet it’s uber helpful!

This is my little doodle project portfolio! (I think that’s what it’s called?) I’m labeling and sorting my projects this way! It’s alphabetical at this point, but I may move that around as I doodle away. At the moment, I have all of my #Inktober2020 doodles together, and a new section for any blog doodles I make this month!

Here’s my brand new sketchbook! I haven’t started drawing in it, but I will be very soon. Do you have any doodle ideas for the cover? Let me know! 😀

In the sectional underneath my sketchbook, I keep notebook paper, white cardstock, some printer paper, and then these two awesome things: a sketch pad and pastel cardstock!

Here we are! The second (or third ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)) shelf! Ooh this one is a #WorkInProgress, amirite, ladies? Hmm there’s candy, an empty photo frame, pen and marker overflow- OH! And the coolest organizational thing I own.

This motherload of colored pencils I own are contained and sorted by color (kind of) into this awesome organizational unit! It’s portable, it’s awesome, the quality’s fairly good (some of the elastic gets too loose, so there are a few loops I can’t use *sigh*), and at this point I’ll probably be in my late 50’s before I have to buy more colored pencils. bahaha

As you can tell, I will soon be going through this and sorting them a bit better by color. My little sisters have some of my colored pencils at the moment (yeah, there’s MORE), so I need to get some of those back from them. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Oh look, there’s more. Look at that lone green one haha-

The back is full of them too. Can you tell I love color? 😀 ❤

The bottom shelf (or area, since there isn’t a bottom hah) is for library books right now! I wanted to create a space for them where I could return books and bring new ones in without it completely changing the layout. I think this organization will work nicely!

Thanks for reading! What’s your favorite part about my artist’s station? What are your personal craft supply essentials? Let’s chat in the comments!

47 thoughts on “how my artist’s station looks right now! {nov. 2020}”

  1. Wow! Your art station is soo beautiful!! I would love to have something like that but I’m more of a procrastinator xD. I do have everything organized at the moment and I love art too just like you! How cool would it be to have a huge room filled with art supplies? Drawers filled with colored pencils, markers, paint!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Aw thank you Aditi! 💜 ooh I would LOVE having an art room! 😍👏🏼💕 that would be SO amazing! Yeahh having a place for different washi tapes, drawing utensils sorted by color and type of marker/pencil, various colors of cardstock and sketchbooks 😍💖 that would be amazing!!!


  2. Aaaaaaa congratulations!!!! This is a huge step forward! I remember when I first set up my official “art station” about a year and a half ago. Not nearly as nice and organized as yours, but it works, function-wise, and it helps a LOT to have a station with a work space, and all ones needed materials.

    When I start a project, I go through my huge bin of fiber, and fabric, and gather a whole bunch of stuff, then sit down, and revel in my messiness while I felt/sew/watch HttyD.

    Currently my workspace is covered in stray peices of wool, cut up soda cans, scraps of fabric, and some school books. 😂

    My favorite part of your station would have to be the pencils. SO. MANY. BEAUTIFUL. PENCILS.

    Sorry for the long comment. 😅

    Once again, congratulations!

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    1. Awww Bea! 😭 that means so much! 😍 thank you!! Well every artist is different, so mine’s going to look unique! Whatever works for you is awesome 😄👍🏼 yeah! I’d still like to have a workspace 😂 for now I just have my supplies organized which is an important step!
      Ooh yeah! 🙌🏼💕 right now I turn on The Greatest Showman soundtrack, grab my pen, markers and some paper, and get doodling 😂💕
      Haha my work and living spaces frequently get messy! That just means they’re lived in 🤣👏🏼
      AHHH YES 😍 so so many colors!
      Thanks again! And it’s no problem!

      Liked by 1 person

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