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Krisha’s Cozy Corner Blog Tour | blog spotlight!

Hi there! Welcome back to Chickadee Lover Maggie. ❤ This post is going to be a lot of fun! I’m participating in a blog tour for the first time! And it’s for none other than… Krisha @ Krisha’s Cozy Corner!

She reached out to me and other bloggers back in September and I immediately signed up! I thought it would be great to be part of a blog tour, so here we are – the day has finally come!

Krisha’s Cozy Corner is an artistic book blog full of many wonderful posts! There, you will find book reviews, DIYs, guest posts/collabs, author interviews, and so much more. It’s a great blog curated with a variety of fun, relateable, bookish content!

I will be doing a spotlight post for Krisha’s Cozy Corner Blog Tour! But first, an introduction by Krisha:

Hello everyone I am Krisha. I am the author of Krisha’s Cozy Corner .Thank you so much Maggie for having me on your blog and participating in my blog tour . I am honoured to be here . So let me tell you a bit about myself:

I am a 12 year old and I always have been an avid reader and there is nothing more I like then curling up in a cozy corner with a good book. Reading books has been one of my favorite pastimes. After enjoying reading many fantastic book blogs for some time now, I thought that I would finally take the plunge and start a blog of my own and express my honest opinion about the books I read. To know more about me don’t forget to visit my blog !!

Tour Schedule :

Oct 19 – Kaelyn
Oct 19 – Evin
Oct 20 – Catie
Oct 20 – Peach
Oct 21 – Roshni
Oct 21- Shanessa
Oct 22 – Maggie
Oct 22 – Renee
Oct 24 – Aanya

Yay! Thanks so much for letting me be part of this Krisha! 😀 ❤

my favorite things about
Krisha’s Cozy Corner

  • her featured images! They’re very pretty. The photos and fonts she chooses go together beautifully!
  • the theme and layout! Krisha did a wonderful job with the sidebar, header (which is SO pretty!), pages, and everything!
  • the blog’s co-author! I think it’s great that Krisha’s friend Jheel writes posts as well! That makes the variety in her blog’s content more broad, which I always love about a blog.
  • the riddles! Most (if not all) of the posts start with a bookish riddle! I’m usually too late to participate lol, but a lot of people have fun answering them! I think it’s a great way to encourage readership – finding a creative way to include your audience!

posts I enjoyed


This was soooo much fun to make! It’s very pretty and I think it does a good job of matching Krisha’s blog ❤ what do you think?

Thanks so much for reading!

Are you following Krisha’s blog? Which post of hers did you love? Let’s chat in the comments!

8 thoughts on “Krisha’s Cozy Corner Blog Tour | blog spotlight!”

  1. firstly thank you so much for participating in the blog and saying such amazing things about my blog. it really made my day. Lovely post and everything is so formated and eloquently written Maggie 🙂 And that moodboard is so pretty it describes my blog precisely !! And am so happy to hear you like the riddles,…it has been a recent idea but I am glad to know so many people enjoy it .
    Once again a million thanks for everything

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