{inktober} day twenty-one – sleep

Hey! Welcome back to Chickadee Lover Maggie. It’s #Inktober2020 time here again!

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fall quote:

“And the sunsets of Autumn – are they not gorgeous beyond description? More so than the brightest dreams of poetry?” – Charles Lanman

This is Stacy and her little sister Melinda! Melinda joined Stacy in her bed tonight because she was having so many wonderful ideas that were keeping her up. She finds it easier to relax when she’s comforted by Stacy being so near. Melinda was even able to bring her dolly along, whom she proudly named Melanie. She’s nestled peacefully between the two sisters, and very soon, all three will be drifting off to sleep.

What do you do to relax before bed? What does your night routine look like? Let’s chat in the comments!

19 thoughts on “{inktober} day twenty-one – sleep”

  1. I love reading a few chapters in my book and watching some relaxing videos before bed! For my nighttime routine, I change into comfier clothes, wash my face, and brush/floss my teeth. It’s very simple but it totally gets me in the mood for bed!
    Also while working on this post, I looked up the meaning of the name Melinda, and it is: “honey sweetness”! How beautiful is that? It perfectly matches the personality of the little character in my doodle! ❤

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  2. So cute!!!!😍

    Okay. I low key thought there was a third sister in the bed, or some very tiny human, wide awake smiling like a maniac. But it was just Melanie. 😅

    I share a room with my two sisters, so sometimes we go through Disney music and mouth it while dancing, or re-enact the dancing from The Greatest Showman. Or, very rarely, we all have a project, or a book, and we chill-ly listen to music.

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    1. Thanks Bea!!

      Hehe yeahhh Melanie’s gonna be smiling. Forever. Eternally happy!

      Ooh what an awesome routine! I love dancing to Disney and the Greatest Showman, haha ❤ that sounds very cool!

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  3. Aww that was cute! Unfortunate as it is, it so happens that all my wildest ideas surface right before bed time😂🙄 and I end up thinking.
    But this year I started listening to sleep-casts or bed time podcasts which describe gorgeous places hidden in the corners of the world- it’s like a virtual guide almost. Either that or stories!😁 It’s one of my favourite ever things to do🥰🥰🤗 And my night time routine pretty much follows yours! (Except washing my face maybe😂😂🤭)


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    1. Thank you so much Brin!! ❤ yeah what is that?! instead of having them at a time of day when I can enjoy daydreaming and write them down, they come to me right as I drift away into my dreams. haha
      Ooh wow that sounds really cool and relaxing!

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