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my avenue of art & summer of stories experience

Hello! Welcome back to my blog 🙂 Well, yesterday I had a scratchy throat and it got worse over the course of the afternoon and evening. Waking up this morning, I definitely have a cold – my throat’s sore and my body’s aching. Hopefully it progresses fast and all I have is a stuffy nose soon lol, because I have a really hard time with a sore throat!

Yesterday afternoon, I scheduled today’s #Inktober2020 doodle and tomorrow’s ahead of time because I projected that I wouldn’t be feeling well enough to be creative. (I was right lol) Just thought I’d mention that! Every other post I’ve done on my blog up until now has been published the day I wrote the majority of it, but I knew I’d benefit from getting the artwork out of the way.

This morning I thought I would talk about my Avenue of Art & Summer of Stories experience! 😀 ❤ Oh and before I explain what that is and what I did lol, my good blogging friend Haley @ My Life of Faith is doing a two-in-one virtual giveaway right now! She’s celebrating surpassing 100 followers (congrats Haley!! ❤ ) and if you’d like to see what she’s giving away, just click here!

~ aoa & sos ~

Avenue of Art & Summer of Stories is a two-in-one summer blogging event hosted by none other than Evin @ A Curly Sue’s Ramblings and Kaelyn @ Kaelyn’s Life respectively! It was created by the two of them this year and they plan on hosting it yearly, which is AWESOME! 😀

So how it works is like this: everyone is given a week to sign up; participants are sorted into three age groups; a creative/writing prompt is posted every Sunday for 4 weeks, and everyone submits their entries via email; group emails are sent out midweek to provide reminders and updates; and on the fifth Sunday, the winners are announced! Points are awarded based on the following of the rules, how much each person participates, and upon whether or not they get Judge’s Pick.

People are given the option to participate in just one OR both of the contests, and I decided to take part in both!

things I loved about this event:

I had so much fun exercising my creative writing abilities and getting to make some artistic projects!

  • Some of the prompts were really easy, and others were a bit more difficult, which was a nice mix. 🙂
  • I loved getting the group emails every week, as both girls made the updates and reminders fun to read and very helpful!
  • Each story prompt and craft idea took a cumulative hour and a half or so out of my week to make and send in. It was enjoyable to do without feeling like a burden!
  • One of the Avenue of Art prompts wasn’t something I could easily do, so I asked Evin if it would be possible to allow for a similar submission with a reduction in points. She happily accommodated me, which made it where I could submit every week. I was really thankful for that!
  • The results for each week and the announcement of the next week’s prompt was shared on both girls’ blogs at the same time every Sunday! They did a great job of coordinating their posts and staying on top of group emails and reminders.
  • In the posts where Evin and Kaelyn announced the winners and brought this year’s contest to a close, the prizes they awarded (to both winners and participants) were generous and a lot of fun! It was an awesome finale!

Now I’ll show you my creations for AOA and SOS! I submitted entries for all four weeks of Avenue of Art, and I completed the first three weeks of Summer of Stories.

avenue of art projects

week #1: summer watercolor

I made this using Crayola watercolor paint and a few small brushes! My favorite art style is pointillism, and I used that technique to make all of the little details in this piece. This painting is unnamed, and the basic idea of it is that it’s a walking path surrounded by many blue flowers on both sides!

Watercolor is a lot of fun, but it’s a hobby I haven’t devoted much time to yet. I would’ve liked for this painting to have more detail, but I kept it simple since I wasn’t sure how to make it more closely match the image I had of it in my head, lol (do you ever have that happen?).

week #2: tie-dye art

This one didn’t turn out quite like I hoped, as it was my first time creating tie dye watercolor art! I had fun dripping the paint and folding the little sheets of paper into themselves to create these designs. I named this project Summer Rain since the colors that mixed together ended up having a watery, rainy feel to them.

I’d like to try making something like this again with more vibrant watercolor paint (or maybe a different kind of paint altogether)!

week #3: a paper plate wall hanging

This one is my absolute FAVORITE Avenue of Art creation! As soon as I read the prompt, I had the idea for this little wall hanging, and it turned out so great. Each water droplet has its own personality, and the rain cloud itself looks like it’s proud of its little rain family haha

All I used to make this was half of a paper plate, a Sharpie marker, blank cardstock, some blue colored pencils (and a pink one for the open mouths), and some craft string!

week #4: tp roll & bottle art

I wasn’t sure what to do for this prompt at first, but a quick Google search gave me some great ideas! This little lion was created using brown construction paper, the bottom of a small water bottle, blank cardstock, my Sharpie marker, a few colored pencils, and a toilet paper roll!

I love how the water bottle gave the lion’s face dimension! It turned out so cute 😀

summer of stories submissions

week #1: swimming pool short story


“Just look at those clouds!”
I caught my mom’s expression and followed her gaze. My jaw dropped.
“Cool!” Joshua, my little brother, was jumping up and down. From his facial expression, you’d think he’d just spotted an approaching ice cream truck.
I can’t say I shared his enthusiasm.
Those storm clouds were dark, so congested with water that they bordered on being black amidst the dense shadows. They appeared to be rolling closer, edging across the tops of the trees and crawling along the wooden fence like a black alley cat.

What I wrote about for this first short story was something that really happened in 2010! My brother and I posed for a picture with the approaching storm, it thundered very loudly, and when my mom and I went to run inside the house for shelter, my brother jumped in the pool instead. Since nothing dangerous happened, it’s still a funny story I think about from time to time!

week #2: summer camp short story


The bus turned a bend just then, which gave Kat a better view of the mountains through the front windshield. Her jaw dropped. “It’s gorgeous up here!”
“Well, yeah!” Bekah’s facial expression and tone were comical. “Who’d want to go to camp in a dump?”
“Oscar the Grouch, obviously.” A voice from the seat behind them joined the conversation.
Bekah and Kat turned around, eager to meet the gaze of the most attractive guy on board. His name was Easton, and all the girls wanted his attention. Not enough to ask for it, mind you, but whenever he was handing it out, they accepted it readily. He had sparkling green eyes, stylish blond hair, and the relaxed, confident way he sat with an arm over the back of his seat turned all the girls into the heart eyes emoji.

It’s too bad this fun story wasn’t based on reality, haha! This was my first time writing anything set at a summer camp, and the characters were so much fun to create!

week #3: popsicle poem


Coconut popsicles
Are a yummy treat,
The best summer dessert
You’ll ever greet.

Whether I’m enjoyed
Here or there,
I’m a nice summer treat
To have anywhere!

Haha I had a blast with this poem! It ended up having a Dr. Seuss vibe, and the fact that it features my favorite cold treat (coconut popsicles) is awesome!

I ended up getting second place! woohoo!
I tied for first! YEAH!!!

Well I had fun writing this post, but the longer I’m awake, the more achy I feel! Thanks so much for reading ❤ I can’t think of another outro lol so this will have to do. If you think this summer event looked fun, you’ll have to join next year! Evin and Kaelyn would love to have you!

Which craft and/or short story was your favorite? Let’s chat in the comments!

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