all things bookish | 4 mini book reviews + the folklore book tag!

Hey there! How’s it going? My name’s Maggie, and out of the wealth of posts in your Reader, you’ve discovered Chickadee Lover Maggie‘s latest post! Awesome job! 😀 ❤

So for weeks now, I kept thinking, I need to write some book review posts. I’m behind on sharing book-themed posts. When will I write another book post?? Today’s the answer to that final question. There just kept being other posts I was more excited about writing recently, so I covered those instead of doing this one, which I’m fine with! But I’m glad to be clearing away some mental blogging clutter and finally check this off 😉

As the title suggests (aka totally gives away lol), I have four little book reviews in this post! Then I’ll be doing The Folklore Book Tag, which Tia @ Tall Blonde Tales left an open invitation on her blog for! So thanks for allowing me to participate Tia!

Let’s get started!

4 mini book reviews

free-fire zone | vietnam book 3

I reviewed the first two books in this series here and here! I’m slowly making my way through the Vietnam books, and actually I still need to buy the fifth book… anyway-

This series has continually surprised me. I’ll expect one thing; another happens. I prepare for the worst; I’m happily surprised. I figure a character’s this way; psych, he’s another. It’s a good thing I suppose when my expectations are surpassed, but when I’m excited and then let down? Vietnam has been a constant turn of events. Is Chris Lynch a good writer, or a bad one? lol

So for the third book – Free-Fire Zone – the main character was portrayed a certain way by his best friends in the first two books. It wasn’t in a kind light, so I wasn’t expecting to enjoy FFZ. But then I did!

A few of Rudi’s comrades and commanders were really likeable, and as always, I was fascinated to learn more about the Vietnam War. Reading about how the US Marines operated and what their mission was got a bit graphic at a few points, but as a whole, I enjoyed reading it. 4/5 stars!

calvin and hobbes | in the shadow of the night

I spotted this one at a thrift store and thought it would be fun to read! I took it home and uh… skimmed through it… and was more disturbed than delighted…

I remembered this comic strip as being cute, funny, and endearing. I only read it a little as a kid, so I thought that the adorable way Calvin was illustrated meant the comic was written similarly. Um… no. I just found it really sad how Calvin’s parents treat him, and that Hobbes is his only friend.

So Calvin and Hobbes is cute at first glance, but I wouldn’t recommend this comic strip. 1.5/5 stars.

rum and razors | a murder, she wrote mystery

I’ve been on the lookout for more Murder, She Wrote books (I reviewed the first one I read here!), so when I found this one at the little book sale at my library, I quickly bought it! (Even though the cover looks really weird…lol)

This mystery took me a bit to get into (maybe because I was distracted by other things in life), but once I really got in the mood, I enjoyed this book! The setting was interesting, I liked different characters, although I will say I mixed up the suspects different times. They didn’t really have any definitive characteristics, so by the end, when the mystery had been solved, I wasn’t totally convinced that’s what had actually happened. lol anyway, 3.5/5 stars!

a midsummer night’s scream | a jane jeffry mystery

I bought this one the same day I found the Murder, She Wrote book and thought I’d give it a try! The name is fun and I’m really enjoying reading mysteries right now 🙂

Alright, so this book ended up being a novel where I really like one or two things about it, but the majority of it isn’t my cup of tea. I liked the focus on theater, the detective was a good character, and the author did a great job with making it easy for the reader to know who’s who. Those are the top three things I enjoyed about this book, but let’s just say I won’t be reading any more in this series 😉 3/5 stars!


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The One: A book with an ending that left you speechless

Anything but Typical by Nora Raleigh Baskin. I read it when I was 12 and I was like… WHAT??

Cardigan: A book that makes you feel happy and sad all at once 

Any Nicholas Sparks book. I started reading A Walk to Remember, I don’t think I finished it… but his books and those movies, you’re like smiling and crying, your wound has been bandaged so it helps but still hurts… that’s the #NicholasSparksEffect

The last great American dynasty: A book with a fascinating and extremely well-told story

The Great Gatsby! It’s so brilliant and magical and I don’t even care that it’s sad, haha

Exile: A book you wish you hadn’t read 

Veil of Pearls by MaryLu Tyndall. I still think about it, in a haunting kind of way… even though I read it like five or six years ago.

My tears ricochet: A book that made you cry uncontrollably 

I can’t remember a book making me cry, but Of Mice and Men by John Steinbeck had me absolutely taken aback lol

Mirror ball: A book that feels like it was written just for you

THE DOWRY BY WALTER KEADY. It’s like Walter sent it to me personally knowing exactly what I’d love to read.

Seven: A childhood book that makes you feel nostalgic

One Snowy Night by Nick Butterworth. It’s such a cozy story and the illustrations are some of my favorites!

August: A book that reminds you of summer

To Kill A Mockingbird by Harper Lee is set in summer… I think? It’s been too long hehe

This is me trying: A book that deals with loneliness and sadness

The Winter of Our Discontent by John Steinbeck. I couldn’t finish it ;-;

Invisible string: A book that came into your life at the exact right time 

The Princess by Lori Wick! I actually waited to read it until last year, and I’m so happy I did. It was such a great story.

Mad woman: A book with a female character you adore

A Proper Pursuit by Lynn Austin! Gosh, it’s been five years since I read it and I still feel very fondly toward it… it’s one I’d love to re-read!

Epiphany: A book that is haunting 

The Hound of The Baskervilles by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. It’s very eerie, although I read the abridged version so I should give the unabridged version a try and see what I think!

Betty: A book couple that fills you with yearning 


Peace: a book character you’d die for because you love them so much!

Gandalf from the Hobbit/LOTR series! He’s just the perfect aesthetic of a wise leader, and I truly admire him. I also thought it was hilarious that he kept leaving Bilbo and the dwarves in the Hobbit instead of guiding them because he kept getting distracted lol they were like BRO GANDALF’S GONE AGAIN

Hoax: A book that you thought you were going to love but didn’t 

Sharpshooter by Chris Lynch. The first book in the series had me hyped for this one, but the main character ended up being really rude and full of himself ew


Thank you so much reading! I had a lot of fun with this post (especially with my new fall dividers – woohoo!).

What are some books you recently read? Have you read any books I mentioned in this post? Let’s chat in the comments!

21 thoughts on “all things bookish | 4 mini book reviews + the folklore book tag!”

    1. Thanks Diamond! Yeah those were fun to chat about 😄💛
      there were some cute Calvin and Hobbes strips (where Calvin was role playing with Hobbes, or doing something independently), but the comics featuring his parents were sad. So it could be a fun comic if you remove all the parent ones 😂

      Liked by 1 person

      1. From what I remember, Calvin was portrayed as a brat and his parents were just trying to cope. I think there were also some funny interactions. But I never read that one book you had, so maybe it was different.

        Liked by 1 person

  1. I LOVE the folklore book tag! I might do it😉
    All those books sound like great choices! I have to read the lord of the rings.. I only watched like 15 mins of the movie and I found it boring😂
    Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yes! It was fun, 10/10 recommend! hehe
      Yeah! I haven’t read LOTR and I semi-slept through reading the Hobbit hehe… it was a school assignment but oh boi, Tolkien’s descriptions of EVERYTHING (he’d dedicate a full page to explaining what it sounds like when a dwarf walks on leaves) were very extensive. Thanks Evin! 😀

      Liked by 2 people

  2. I loved this post!! I have so many new books to try out now!! Ooo!!*squeals*
    I am kinda disappointed that the Calvin and Hobbes one is not good. But their short comics are hilarious!!😂
    The book tag was amazing!! I love Gandalf too!!☺🤣
    I love how you said ‘BRO GANDALF’S GONE AGAIN’ 😂
    Amazing post Maggie!!❤
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yay I’m so glad!! Yes book recommendations are awesooome! 😀
      Yeahh me too. Reading one here and there is funny, but a whole collection of them wasn’t my cup of tea lol!
      Haha! I shared Bilbo’s and the dwarves’ exasperation every time since Gandalf’s my favorite character then he kept leaving the scenes XD Thanks Amy!

      Liked by 1 person

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