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lily & fox nail wraps! | unboxing + photoshoot

Hey there! This is Maggie coming at you on Chickadee Lover Maggie, the place where I love to share my photography, experiences, and favorite things!

Today, I’ll be chatting about Lily and Fox nail wraps! I did an unboxing photoshoot – or would that be called un-enveloping…? Because that’s what they came in, haha! Next, my mom and I did a walk-through on how to apply these nail stickers, and to finish, I will share what I think of the wraps so far!

This review is not endorsed or affiliated with Lily and Fox in any way. But how cool would that be? Alas, every link will be the ones I retrieve from their website, and my entire review will be orchestrated by me, free of charge. Or… free of payment. However it works. You know what I mean. 😉

First, I’ll give you a little tour of what their website looks like!

All of the wraps are $3 right now and shipping is free! They are made in and shipped from the US, which is great because the shipping time was fantastic. My mom and I made a nail wrap order, and she paid a few extra dollars for the first faster shipping option. The free shipping would have taken a few weeks and we wanted them sooner than that 😉 The day after we placed the order, our package was shipped, and about a week later, they arrived!

This is the pretty envelope the came in! Let’s look at what’s inside:

On the right, the nail wraps were neatly secured in little plastic packages. An emory board and cuticle stick were included, along with a printed guide and adorable origami fox!

On the left was my favorite thing about the package: a handwritten note! It instantly boosted my appreciation for the company because receiving something handwritten makes a mail order instantly more special.

Here’s how it looked all together!

I chose four wraps to try, and the design in the middle are the free test set (called Bubblegum Babe)! The ones I ordered (from left to right) are Glitter Bug, Popsicles, Point Blank, and Crystal Glitter.

This photoshoot was so much fun! I love how the little fox really went with two of the designs I chose.

Now it’s time to show you how to apply them! (The instructions are also outlined on their website.) The next few pictures were taken by my mom 🙂

First, you take the wraps out of their package.

Then you match all of your nails to the different wrap sizes and find the ones that best fit you!

You take the wrap that fits off the main sheet, remove the plastic cover on top and take the sticky backing off, and apply it to your nail. The picture above is how it looks from the back.

Then you use the emory board and file (straight down) the excess off the end of your nail!

Ta-da! You do the same thing with all ten of your nails 🙂

Here’s a collage run-through of how I applied Crystal Glitter to my nails!

  1. fit the sticker to your nail
  2. take the plastic and sticky part off
  3. apply to your nail and smooth the edges down
  4. view of the front
  5. view of the back
  6. file the excess off and peel away!

This process took me about an hour to do. It may become easier and faster to apply for me as I use these nail wraps more! 😉

And now, for MY THOUGHTS!

I absolutely LOVE these nail wraps! They were very easy to apply, the quality is amazing, and I really like the Crystal Glitter design. It’s the first manicure I’ve ever had that really compliments my skin tone and goes well with my clothes! I’ve been wearing these wraps for about a full day now, and after several hand-washings, opening of packaging, etc, they’ve all remained securely on my nails. I’ll have to see how long the adhesive lasts, but for $3, I’m totally fine with any length of time!

(October 5th, 2020 Update): I’ve been wearing these nail wraps for five days now, and their durability is incredible! None of them have come off, and any nicks and ripples in the wraps are barely visible because of the design I chose (which is very forgiving!). Some of my fingertips have the nail slightly exposed at the end from wear, but you have to really be looking to notice lol! I’ll come back and share another update when I’ve taken the wraps off 🙂

The awesome thing about them is that because I keep my nails short (I play the piano, so I have to lol), I can get TWO manicures out of each sheet!! ❤ It was a little challenging to use both sides, but still possible. 😀

So in review: they’re affordable, straightforward to order, shipped efficiently, easy to apply, and a lot of fun to wear!

Thank you so much for reading! I’m so happy to have a manicure that I love, and if you’re looking for a new way to have fun feeling girly and pretty, I’d recommend them to you too! ❤

Have you heard of Lily and Fox nail wraps before? Are there any other nail wrap brands you’ve tried and recommend? Let’s chat in the comments!

45 thoughts on “lily & fox nail wraps! | unboxing + photoshoot”

  1. ooooh, i LOVE them! your nails look lovely…
    hey, i might just buy my own now- i SUCK at application of liquid varnish, so these are perfect!!
    ❤ ❤ ❤
    love always,

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much! I really like them 😀 ❤ yeah I'm not a fan of painting my nails – the acrylic smell gives me a headache lol, and it's hard to apply haha! Nail wraps are a lot of fun!

      Liked by 1 person


    Okay I never knew nail wraps could look so pretty and they’re neat as well!! I truly thought it made your nails look fake but apparently not so❤

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aren’t they GORGEOUS?? The quality and durability of these wraps is unbelievable!
      It totally depends on the brand and quality of the nail wraps! I’ve used others before where you could tell from the side they were stickers, so they didn’t look that great. These have been awesome so far! I’m still wearing the wraps featured in this post and after four days, all ten look great and aren’t peeling at all. ❤


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