{inktober} day one – fish

Hey there! It’s my second post of the day and it’s going to be a quick one, I promise. 😉

I had a blast participating in Kaelyn and Evin’s summer event on their blogs in September! The results are coming out this weekend, and since that competition is over, I’ve been thinking about and looking for other ways to stay involved in the blog community. Well, I found a way to do that today!

Three bloggers I know – Bea, Renee, and D – are all participating in #Inktober2020! I’ve heard of Inktober before but I’ve never done it. Since I’m really enjoying creating new doodles, I thought it would be fun to have the prompt to do one every day in October, as well as practice doodling with a ballpoint pen instead of a Sharpie!

I’m gonna give a little backstory for each one when possible! So check out today’s inked doodle and then read my caption 🙂

This is Bob! Picture this: for the longest time, Bob was just an ordinary goldfish. He decided, one day, that he was ready for something more. After work today, he arrived home to his wife and kids with an exciting surprise! Bob now has a mohawk, fin gloves, and the most confident smile ever. His family couldn’t be happier with the new Bob!

Well there you have it, haha! Stay tuned for more cute doodles and fun descriptions in October! (Click here to visit the official Inktober website for rules, the prompts, and more.)

Are you participating in Inktober? What are your favorite things to draw? Let’s chat in the comments!

31 thoughts on “{inktober} day one – fish”

  1. After reading your blog post, I am seriously considering doing something new, like Bob! Except I’m not getting a mohawk, lol. But I am considering doing Inktober for the first time! I haven’t participated in it but now I want to, haha. Loved your blog post and I love BOB! ♥

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    1. Aww haha that’s great! Yeah Bob has a unique sense of style 😉 I’m going to have so much fun with Inktober! I can’t wait to see what others come up with for the prompts, including yours if you decide to do it! ❤ Thanks so much Vanely!


  2. It’s great that you are joining this too!! 😊I could, but my drawing skills are 0% and I can get quite busy!!😂
    Bob is so cool! Great mohawk, bro!!😎
    And Maggie!! That story you made about Bob was so cute and funny!!🥰😂
    Love, Amy

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    1. Yes it’s going to be so much fun!! Aww haha, well you can still enjoy seeing what others come up with! 😉 ❤
      He is absolutely a cool dude! haha yeah that was a fun story! 😀

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