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more thrift store finds + cute fall decor!

Hi there! How’s it going? It’s the last day of September here on Chickadee Lover Maggie! (Having blog friends on the other side of the world has taught me that you never know what day it will be in a different time zone for someone else, haha!)

Earlier this month, I went to some stores with my dad and I took pictures for the sequel to this post! I had fun narrating the funny, interesting, and unique things I found at a thrift store. When I went back about two weeks later, there were more funny items for sale that I’d like to share with you!

The narrative of the first post was a funny descriptive style. In this one, I’m going to showcase each item by offering you their best selling points. Let me know in the comments if any of my sales pitches work, haha!

Oh and after sharing the thrifted items with you, I’ll also show you around the cute fall decor I saw at Michael’s!

more thrift store finds

Hello and welcome to our humble thrift store! We have many things on display and for sale that may pique your interest today. Let me know if you have any questions, as I would be happy to answer them.

Our first item is a vibrant pottery piece, featuring an Asian family on an ordinary day. This would make a great addition to any family room, or wherever you and your loved ones spend the most time together, as the painting encourages togetherness, unity, and tranquility.

Moving along, we have a variety of iconic shot glasses, any of which could make a great addition to your shot glass collection. Do you have a pomeranian, for example? Are you Jamaican? Is your pomeranian from Jamaica? If you do, or you are, or he is, you might consider purchasing these.

Now, I think we ladies are always on the lookout for ways to express our most authentic selves. If this statement mug describes you perfectly, I would recommend taking it home and allowing it to speak for you.

Aren’t we always in need of little knick-knacks and tiny souvenirs? I know that I myself adore browsing such things. If you shop similarly, then this tiny house illustration and small frame just might be what you’re looking for.

Perhaps you like Dad jokes. Maybe you like vampires. You probably have a phone. If you find yourself meeting this criteria with ease, consider adding this sassy vampire phone case to your shopping basket!

Now, we all like something phenomenally unusual every now and then. You may even be someone who surrounds yourself with items like these. Whatever your situation or stance, this delightful baby dog is a welcome addition to any extraordinary collection.

Aren’t we all familiar with moments of excruciating struggle? Well, this little figurine certainly is. Its pose is strangely reminiscent of times when we can’t make out what’s on the television, maybe when we simply can’t believe our eyes. In my opinion, it’s a model of being human at its most authentic level.

Now for this next piece, I’d like to ask: do you like foxes? Of course you do. Everyone loves foxes. Well, this delightfully surreal mug reminds me of the fox from Pinocchio. Wouldn’t you just love to pour your tea from it? And for only $3.00 – an absolute steal!

Many of us feel we could work on our self-confidence and photogenic tendencies. I know for me, I could use some lessons in smiling genuinely for the camera. Well, this pig figurine is a fine example of where to begin! We can model this pig’s pose, smile, and the confidence it exudes any time a camera’s aimed in our direction.

Many of us know what a bath bomb is. If you don’t and you think I’m referring to something dangerous, allow me to soothe your fears: it’s a colored powder ball you toss in the tub and it transforms the water into a myriad of bubble and color possibilities. Now that you for certain know what a bath bomb is, have you ever heard of – or even have a personal collection of – bath grains? Now would be the time to start! You can bring this delightful, useful box home and fill it with your bathtime essentials.

Bird cages have recently become a staple in decorating your home in a post-modern style. It is essential and quintessential and phenomenal – need I go on? Now, you just might consider adding this candle cage to your mantelpiece. It seems ordinary at first, but upon closer inspection, your guests will be delighted to find that the cage’s resident is, in fact, a pale blue votive candle. An absolutely unique piece and a strongly recommended addition to your fireplace.

Haha that was so much fun! Now it’s time for fall decor from Michael’s 😀

cute fall decor

I love the colors and font choices!
ooh this one’s very pretty too!
idk where you’d hang these – do people put up fall trees? – but they’re ADORABLE! let’s take a closer look at the gray hedgehog-like woodland creature in the middle right.
aaaahaha those eyes!
how about these happy squirrels! are those flower umbrellas?
so cute!! I guess I got the inspiration for my fall signoff from the sign on the right, haha!
what a fine, adorable reminder for the month of November!
such a cute hedgehog family!
look how proud this owl is of his prize pumpkin!

Thank you so much for reading! I really enjoyed writing this post and I’d love it if you got a laugh from reading it! Wherever you might be in the world, whichever season you’re entering, I hope you have an absolutely delightful October. ❤

Was I able to sell any of those thrifted items to you? Which fall decor was the cutest? Let’s chat in the comments!

42 thoughts on “more thrift store finds + cute fall decor!”

  1. Omg, but first, the first thrift items are so weird and unique!! No offence!! But very cute!!😍
    I think I bought the little figurine and the puppy!!😊🤗 And I just LOVE the candle cage!!❤🤗
    All those fall decor are soo cute!! 😍😍I loved each and everyone of them!!!💛🧡❤
    And I love how you described all of them!! ❤You would make a good advertiser!! 😉Hehe no offence!!
    This was so fun!!😁
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. They definitely were haha! They were quirky and strange and unique 😂💛 thrift shopping is so much fun!
      Yay! lol yeah that candle cage was great!
      I could have happily taken all of that fall decor home 😂🧡 but I decided to take pictures instead!
      Haha thanks so much! I’m glad my sales pitch techniques work! 😉🤣 thanks Amy!

      Liked by 1 person

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