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a photoshoot with my favorite irish book series

Hello! How are you fabulous lot doing? I have another photoshoot to share with you today on Chickadee Lover Maggie! I love sharing my photography – the artistic, the interesting, the funny. It’s even better when a photo manages to be all three of those things. lol

So you already know by the title what I took pictures of! I held this photography session yesterday because I LOVE THESE BOOKS and some of the pics are hilarious. This one’s a bit different than my other photoshoots (like this one and this one not sponsored). I’ll be chatting through the post, not just simply naming each piece!

Let’s gooooo!

a photo-

with my favorite

irish book series

Ok first, THE ORIGIN STORY. I finished reading a history of Ireland book, then reviewed it on my blog. I saw that the publisher is based out of Dublin, so I went to their company website. I stumbled across a WEALTH of Irish books!

As soon as I spotted this Irish trilogy, it captured me mind and heart. Then, eventually, me wallet.

At first I thought they were only available through Gill Books, and I was like I don’t have any euros to spare. *snaps fingers sadly* But then I was like, doesn’t Amazon have everything? That, they do!

So I took my business over to the great South American river!


I first bought Irishisms to see if the contents would match the fantabulously glorious cover. IT DID. And its brother and sister soon followed me home.

*the narrative of this post is getting stranger and stranger…*

So how’s that cover for ya? Let’s see, we’ve got – tiny adorable people, a beautiful shade of yellow for the backdrop, and my new favorite font. Perfection.

she’s gotta dress with pockets. smart girl.

I wanted a new copy, but me wallet didn’t. So I purchased a used one and winced, hoping the book that arrived at my house wasn’t a poor wreck. Thankfully, it wasn’t! However, the cover was dirty, so I used a magic eraser and scrubbed its past away, and voila! It looks new for the price of old!

Next I ordered Irishology. But the seller took its good old fashioned time (not sure what that means) so Irishography arrived first. (It came fresh off the Amazon warehouse lot.)

Yeah, I did just read that other book on the counties of Ireland. Déjà vu. But I don’t mind. And sadly I wish the cover of Irishography had been light blue instead of dim blue, but Ronan Moore do what Ronan Moore does.

When this wee lass (wait, isn’t that a Scottish term? whoops) finally arrived, it came as dirty as Irishisms so I gave it a bath, too. (Now that’s really weird.) Now it looks new, too.

It’s time for the trio of awesomeness to UNITE!

My love for these books cannot be rivaled. I speckin’ dare ya. (semi-censorship)

Ah, so what the back covers are a bit wordy. I don’t mind a’tall!

Now, I did just start reading these. So I can’t really review them. But the way they’re written, they’ll probably be the same way all throughout. Very handy!

Mr. Ronan (can I call you Ro??) is like the picture of a typical Irishman. He loves his country. He’s got the language down. His sense of humor is startling, absurd, and wisecracking. He makes some very bold statements sometimes just to see if you’re awake. Sit in a supportive chair while reading these books.

Now these books are THICC so taking this picture was a hilarious shot to take. Wouldn’t do it again.

Take a picture with your clients, I always say. But the goshfiddlydoo app didn’t flip the image!

You could really say I got into this book. *ew was that a Dad joke* I wouldn’t recommend reading this way, though. The lighting was pretty poor.

Double chin for the win!

So if you love Ireland, reading funny books, and adding more books to your TBR, check out this series. Also they’re great to flip through because there’s no rhyme or reason to what Ro wrote, and reading the pages out of order or skipping some here and there would make the experience even more exciting.

I tried to take a shot of flipping the pages but my phone camera’s shutter time is trash so it focused on one page and blurred the other. Woohoo.

For our final shot, we have MAGIC BOOKS! I balanced them on my bed to be funny and they STAYED. UPRIGHT. I didn’t even have to use treats to achieve this performance. They did it all of their own accord.

Thanks so much for reading!

Do you love reading? Were these pictures funny? Isn’t Ireland awesome? Let’s chat in the comments!

27 thoughts on “a photoshoot with my favorite irish book series”

  1. You really are starting to talk like me: THICC 😂😂😂 Into dis book…mhmm, we can see that, Mags. Oh I love love love reading, there’s something so special about it that sucks you in. Ireland is awesome. Niall Horan: pOtAtO Get it? Yuh, they sure were! x

    Liked by 4 people

  2. This was so funny and cute!! 😍😍I love it that you talked the whole way!!😂 You really have a very unique voice!!❤
    I love it that you gave two of them a bath!!😂😂
    The pics with you and books were funny and lovely!!❤
    Love the signoff!!😉😍
    P.S. Your bedsheet or blanket (the purple one) looks really pretty for dome reason!!💜💜
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aw thank you so much Amy!! 💛 yes I’ve developed my writing voice over many years of blogging! 😂👏🏼
      Haha that cracked me up too!
      Thanks again, your comment means so much! 🧡
      Yes my quilt ended up being a nice backdrop! 😄💜

      Liked by 1 person

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