fun day at a nature reserve! | fall photography

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Guess what? Fall has come to Georgia! Sure, it’s on the calendar, but that doesn’t usually mean Georgia got the notice. There have been years where it finally starts getting chilly here in mid- to late November. *nods solemnly* Sad truth, I know. But the great truth about this fall is that it actually feels like it outside!

So, thanks to the beautiful weather and recent re-openings, I got to go to a nature reserve with my family yesterday! I took a bunch of pictures of us, the cool (double meaning – get it? 😉 ) things I saw in nature, and the funny/cute animals that live there. Let’s get started!

Important Note: This post has a lot of pictures, so I would recommend reading it on PC or laptop. Click here to view it from my blog!

fun day at a nature reserve!

The sky was beautiful all day. It’s like it knows fall’s here – it’s already changed from the bright blue of summer to the dimmer blues of fall!

Izzy was eager to get out of the car seat once we arrived!

While Izzy and Elizabeth played at the playground, I took some pictures of the sky. I love experimenting with sky shots by framing the picture with trees!

There are so many great views there. The one above is one of my favorites!

Since it’s late in the season for blossoms, many of the flowers and plants were dropping off and wilting away, but this little bunch of purple flowers was still holding on! Can you identify it for me in the comments? 😀

I juggled quickly taking some pictures with supervising the little ones!

Here’s all of my siblings! Izzy looks so hip in her glasses haha

We spotted some very interesting plants around the trail! This was one of them.

Again, I have no idea what these are called. This post showcasing my lack of proper plant identification is making me consider expanding my knowledge of such things haha

Here are some more pretty flowers that look like sunflowers if they were the size of wildflowers. lol *looks up what they’re called* Black-eyed Susans!

I love this picture of us so much!! ❤ ❤ ❤

Look what we found! Tiny toads! 😀 We kept calling them ‘frogs,’ but then I realized their bumpy skin probably meant they were toads. lol but they were by the water…

Let’s play “spot the tiny toad”! That should be easy since he wasn’t blending in at all… #whatscamouflagewhenyoucanmakeaSTATEMENT

I spotted these cool trees all in a row up by the road. I think they looked cooler in real life though haha

behind-the-scenes note: all the pictures uploaded out of order so I’m trying to remember the sequence I took them in ahhhhh

Joshua found a cool feather! Hey… maybe it’s a chickadee feather! 😀 #notsponsored

I love this picture Joshua took of me and our mom! ❤

We looked at different animals – coyotes, a barred owl, screech owls, an otter – but I couldn’t get good pictures of them. I was able to take this hilarious progression shot of a bald eagle turning his head though, haha!

I don’t know who designed this groundhog’s habitat, but they are AWESOME. My family and I loved watching him eat his lunch on his front porch! *squee*

This little guy wasn’t even in an enclosure, but look how fuzzyyyyyy!

We slowly made our way to the farm area (Elizabeth’s favorite part)!

We looked at some bulls, pigs, and pigeons on a hot tin roof.

Okay it probably wasn’t hot, but hearing them click across the metal panels cracked me up. haha

There were three goats who got really excited when I collected some grass to feed them!

Izzy was timidly feeding the goats, and I think she enjoyed watching us feed them more than she liked the experience of doing it herself.

There was this little goat several feet away staring at us skeptically from a feed bin. haha

Elizabeth was excitedly giggling and dancing around while feeding them! She loves goats 😀

I’m really impressed with the picture I took of this windmill. My mom was surprised that it was mine. lol doesn’t it look like a stock photo? The composition is #stellar

The perfect way to wrap up this post is by introducing you to none other than my favorite rooster.

He kept peeking at me while I took pictures of him and his friends.

See? He was very interested in my camera



Thanks so much for reading! I loved getting to go there with my family yesterday. ❤

Which picture was your favorite? What have you done so far this fall? Let’s chat in the comments!

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41 thoughts on “fun day at a nature reserve! | fall photography”

  1. This has been one of my fav post from you!!😉😍
    The sky pics you took were soo cool!! 😉😍 I also love framing the sky with trees!! ❤I didn’t know anyone did that too!!😯 Lol *high five*
    Umm, that guy…. is he your elder or younger brother? If you don’t mind me asking😳
    The flower pics you took were all lovely!!🌻🌺🌸⚘
    Those lil toads are so tiny🐸😍
    And I just LOVE the row of trees!! It looks so vintage and romantic for some reason!🤣😍😍❤
    The eagle pics are so freakin awesome!! How did you do that!!😍🦅🦅
    Oh dear… was that fuzzy thing a caterpillar?!
    The windmill pic is so professional!!❤
    The rooster is hilarious!!🤣
    Loved this post!!
    Love, Amy

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love this comment so much!!! 😍💛🎉 thank you Amy!
      Haha that’s awesome! They make great sky frames, especially in the fall! 😂👏🏼 *high fives you back*
      Oh that’s Joshua, my younger brother! I’m 20 and he’s 16. Everyone thinks he’s older since he passed me in height and size. 😂
      Thank you! And yeah I didn’t even know they could be that small lol!
      I took four pictures then created a collage on the app PhotoGrid! 😍
      Yes! I didn’t touch it because it might have been a poisonous one or something, but I love how fluffy it was hehe
      Haha thanks so much! 😂💛💛

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Awwwh you’re welcome!!
        Oohh thanks!! At first I thought he was older!!😂
        We have alot of those furry caterpillars here….. and they are SOOO ITCHY!! BEWARE!😣😣😕😉😉

        Liked by 1 person

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