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happy birthday samuel! + a photoshoot with my reese’s cup

Hi there! Thanks so much for being here on Chickadee Lover Maggie. I share a wide variety of posts – my top post categories right now are book reviews, various tags and awards, and tied for third are funny posts and my writing adventures! Feel free to browse my posts and read the ones that stand out to you. 🙂

To begin this post, I want to wish my little brother Samuel a very happy birthday! He turns nine today and he’s really excited to open presents and eat cookie cake later. (Yum!) If you’d like to wish him happy birthday in the comments, I’ll let him know! 😀

Yesterday when we went on a family outing, Samuel and I rode in the backseat together. My mom passed out little Reese’s cups to all of us kids, and creative inspiration hit me again. (That’s a Nothing to Lose reference, one of the funniest comedies I’ve ever seen!)

Today I’m sharing my third funny photoshoot! I took a bunch of pictures of our Reese’s cups, which I’m very happy to present them to you today.

a photoshoot with
my reese’s cup
ft. samuel!

#1: free flyin’

#2: solitude

#3: contemplation

#4: melancholic

#5: unorthodox

#6: misplaced

#7: centered

#8: cirque du soleil

#9: re!

#10: classy

bonus pics by samuel!



romeo and juliet

selfies with our clients

Thanks so much for reading! As you can see, we were working with limited space and a primarily unphotogenic environment, so I’m proud of our results. Our clients were willing but toward the end of the session they got kinda soft and vulnerable. They were relieved to be done having pictures taken of them.

Which photo was your favorite? Which picture of Samuel’s was the funniest? Don’t forget to wish Samuel a happy birthday!

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