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a tour of my blogging planner!

Hello! Welcome back to Chickadee Lover Maggie, the place where I share fun, creative, and entertaining posts. Thanks for being here!

A few weeks ago, I found a beautiful planner at BigLots in the back-to-school section! But I had a more enjoyable idea of how to use it than for school stuff. 😉 Today I’m sharing pictures of my blogging planner!

a tour of my blogging planner

Isn’t it beautiful?? I love the cover so much! Although what really sold it for me was the layout of the pages. Let’s take a look inside.

I created a title page by working around the dates printed at the top. I really like the colors and design I chose!

There’s a month-by-month overview of this year and next year in the front, which is a very helpful reference.

I love the amount of space that’s given for each day on the month spreads! It gives me room to write post titles and little creative doodling.

After each month, there’s a full page reserved for note-taking, then a section broken into six listed parts: this month, birthdays, dates to remember, things not to forget, to do, and goals.

Thanks so much for reading! I would totally recommend keeping a blogging calendar! You can buy a planner like I did, or you can print a free calendar for each month to keep track of posts.

Do you have a blogging planner/calendar? Let’s chat in the comments!

49 thoughts on “a tour of my blogging planner!”

  1. Hi, Maggie! I’ve been meaning to stop by here for a while and say hi. 😋 I’ve really been enjoying your posts! Keep up the wonderful work. 😊💖


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