the anything is penable challenge #8: my entry

Hello! Welcome back to Chickadee Lover Maggie, the place where I write lots of posts, some of them actually containing short stories I’ve written – like today’s!

The #Anything is Penable challenge is hosted by Phoenix @ Penable every Sunday! Everyone’s invited to join in and share a response to the writing prompt on their blogs. 🙂 Click here to see today’s prompt!

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the anything is Penable
challenge #8

“Don’t tell me,” McKayla said, her wide grin perfectly matching the level of happiness on her face.

Her dad stood in the bedroom doorway, hands cradled behind his back. David waited a moment before responding, basking in the joyful expression his entrance had elicited from his daughter.

Usually, when he found her room in total disarray, he’d promptly enlist her in clearing the floor and tidying the shelves. But today was different.

He knelt down in front of McKayla, careful not to put his knee on the artwork he found there. She was sitting cross-legged near her bed, surrounded by all of the paintings and drawings her friends had sent her while she was in the hospital. She’d managed to accumulate a lot in the three months she’d received treatment. David looked into her eyes now, proud of how strong his little girl was. She’d shown that stomach infection who was boss.

“Did you get Benny?” She held out her hands expectantly. The pastel pink, sprinkles shirt she wore complemented her bright blue eyes.

He chuckled, loving that she knew what he was up to.

That was when the little surprise he held in his hands mewed in response to McKayla.

The moment had come. She gasped and clapped her hands excitedly. He brought the kitten out into view and placed him in McKayla’s hands.

Standing and putting his hands in his pockets, he glanced up at the central focus of McKayla’s bedroom wall. It was a colored pencil drawing of her dream kitten: a beautiful orange tabby cat… which she now held in her arms.

Turning around, David found his wife leaning just inside the doorjamb, a radiant smile in her eyes.

The couple shared a hug while McKayla hugged her new little friend.

Thank you so much for reading! It took me a little bit to pinpoint where I wanted this story to go, but I love how it turned out. Make sure you go by Penable to join this writing challenge yourself!

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