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I introduced a new, upcoming blog series in this post about self-esteem, and today I present to you the next (first & official) installment!

self-efficacy: what it is & why you should have it

While self-esteem encompasses how we view ourselves as a whole, self-efficacy is our measurement of how likely we are to succeed at the things we need and want to do. It’s a circumstantial evaluation we make of our abilities in the moment when we’re met with a project or task that needs carrying out. It depends on the day, our mood, what we’re feeling, how others are acting, etc. Within one very specific area of life, there will be huge fluctuations of our self-efficacy.

  • Self-efficacy is what propels us confidently toward the attainment of our goals.
  • Strong self-efficacy learns from past experiences, accepts present difficulty, and plans realistically for the future.
  • Low self-efficacy brings about strong feelings of discouragement, lack of motivation, a skewed perception of success, and an unforgiving nature toward the self.
  • Building upon self-efficacy is something that requires motivation, an open mind, consistently setting and reaching small goals, and accepting what we can and cannot do.


  • shapes and molds our ability to see the progress we’re making.
  • … affects how we view our past, approach present experiences, and envision the future.
  • … is strengthened by mastery (acknowledging what we’re fluent in and/or are really good at).
  • … is boosted when we see others we admire achieving their goals!

… is influenced by our personal experiences, what we see others doing, and even what we think others are doing.

  • … gets stronger when we learn from and model behaviors of other people who are strong in this area.
  • … can be negatively impacted when our role models fall short and don’t succeed.
  • … can hinder us from completing a task or reaching a specific goal, even if the only thing we’re lacking is that all-important self-confidence.
  • … is a companion of resilience (the ability to recover quickly).
  • doesn’t take failures and shortcomings personally, but instead accepts difficulties as a reason to grow and keep learning!

Thank you so much for reading! There are many areas of my life where I want to work on strengthening my own self-efficacy, drawing from others’ experiences as well as my own (in areas where I’m doing well currently or have in the past).

I really appreciated the article I found while researching this topic! (4 Ways To Improve And Increase Self-Efficacy) Check it out to learn more 🙂

11 thoughts on “self-efficacy | personal development series”

  1. This was so motivating and really beautiful! Helpful, informative and fun to read! I think this is a great idea because of the current situations and I really appreciate how you stick to the pink theme 😂. It makes everything looks so uniform! Great post!

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    1. Aw yay!! 💕 I was looking forward to what you thought because I knew you were interested in the series 😄💜 That means a lot! And yes I am so loving all of my images and graphics matching each other, haha! Thanks so much!

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