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thrift store finds + a photoshoot with my chick-fil-a lemonade!

Hello there! Welcome back to Chickadee Lover Maggie, the blog where I write a lot of fun posts for my entertainment and your enjoyment. Thanks for being here!

I have two photoshoots to share with you today! Here’s the backstory for the first one:

Recently, I went to BigLots with Joshua. I had fun looking around, especially since they already had out their Halloween decor, which I love looking at every year. I get the most enjoyment out of window shopping, not actually in bringing anything home.

So it got me thinking – is there another way I can enjoy capturing what I find at stores and other places I go without purchasing them? And there is!

This is the first in a new series where I’ll be sharing the cool things I find at stores with you! I took the pictures for this post at a thrift store I went to with my dad. The reason we went was to pick up a love seat my mom bought that morning, and we needed our other vehicle to load it up and bring it home. While we were there, I took some pictures of funny, interesting, and unique items that stood out to me!

thrift store finds

Ok how cute and pretty is this teapot!

Next we have a little family of home-shaped teapots.

Here is a figurine demonstrating my patience:

This is a proud man with his pack of hunting dogs:


he been through a lot.

Many different holiday Barbies I thought looked cool:

fancy Christmas lady

A tiny lamp (the one behind it is for size!):

Here’s a frog welcoming you to his humble abode:

And this happy little duck has a great house, too:

a photoshoot with my
chick-fil-a lemonade

Okay. Is it common knowledge that I have a THING for CFA lemonade? If it isn’t, you know now. I love this stuff!

When I went through the drive-thru and got myself a medium lemonade yesterday, I got meself an idea once I parked.

Welcome to my second funny photoshoot! Haven’t seen the first one? Click here 😀

Now, I have to give props to this lemonade. We were working with limited space (I was sitting in the truck), which was challenging, but we both did a great job. We’re happy with the results.

#1: heartstruck

#2: up close & personal

#3: deep thinker

#4: storm brewin’

#5: independence

So which photo really spoke to you? Which thrift store find/s were your favorite? I’d love to hear from you in the comments!

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