the anything is penable challenge #7: my entry

Hey there! It’s Maggie @ Chickadee Lover Maggie. 🙂 Please visit my last post to see what’s been going on in my life recently.

I’ve really enjoyed participating in Phoenix @ Penable‘s weekly writing challenge, so I’ll be doing that again today! Go to this post for the info on this Sunday’s #Anything is Penable challenge!

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the anything is Penable challenge #7

“Just look up,” Mason insists again. One arm is curled under his neck, a strange angle for one eagerly stargazing. He beholds the fading horizon in much the same way someone would look at a plate of food when they’re hungry. He drinks it in, a smile lighting his eyes in the fading sun.

The line separating the distant skyline from the border of the universe is disappearing quickly. Using his free hand, Mason reaches over and, without looking, tries to get his companion to glance in the same general direction.

“Mason,” his friend grunts, a nerdy guy everyone calls Michael even though that’s not his name. “I can’t look at the sky until I understand what I’m looking at.”

Mason looks over now, taking in how the blue light from Michael’s phone is bouncing off his glasses and illuminating the damp grass beneath them. “You’re throwin’ my vibe, man,” he moans, pushing the back of his hand across Michael’s jawline in a friendly, aggressive gesture. “You tellin’ me you won’t look until you understand?

“I gotta have a focal point.” Michael is murmuring now, squinting at the astrological digrams he’s scrolling past at an inhuman speed. “Where are we in the galaxy, anyway?”

His friend laughs, filling the night air with the mocking, encouraging sound of a close friend ridiculing someone they enjoy being around. It surprises Mason that Michael, a boy who is so informed about everything nerdy, wouldn’t know a thing about the night sky.

Thanks for reading! I was inspired to create these two characters after reading the second book in the Vietnam series (I reviews the first book here).

— Maggie

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