book review #6: the encyclopedia of animals

Hello! My name’s Maggie, and you might be…? 😀 On Chickadee Lover Maggie, I write posts. Lots of them. On many subjects you can think of. Let the madness ensue.

Today I’m reviewing books! If you like reading, you’re in for a treat!

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fast facts

Title: The Encyclopedia of Animals
Editor: Tim Harris
Genre: Nonfiction animals
Pages: 304
Publication Year: 2018
Overview: Hundreds of animals are introduced and described alongside colorful illustrations and photographs.

first impression:

“This one looks good!” When I was a preteen, I LOVED researching animals and compiling facts about them. My main interests were mammals and birds. 🙂 I got this book from Amazon to flip through with my little sisters! I also thought it would be fun to read about some of my favorite animals again.

things I liked:

  • the illustrations and photographs
  • the quality of the book
  • the navigation

things I didn’t like:

  • evolution, evolution everywhere
  • various animals being MIA
  • not many cool facts


Yeah, I was disappointed in this book. It’s a great book to flip through with kids, though! I’m glad I got it for that. For personal reading, I wouldn’t read it haha

The author could not stop talking about evolution. Like, please. I’m here to read about animals – where they live, what they eat, cool traits they have. When he said that mammals came from birds but actually mammals came first, I was like YOU LOST ME BRO

If you get this book to read with kids, 8/10 stars! If you’re going to read it yourself, 4/10 stars! I’ve read better.

Hah, thanks for reading!

— Maggie

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