book review #5: highland living

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I’m reviewing books today, so I hope you find at least one book here that looks interesting to you!

from the bookshelf

the series where I skim through very beautiful books!

fast facts

Title: Highland Living
Writers: Stéphane Bern and Franck Ferrand
Genre: Nonfiction lifestyle, history
Pages: 209
Publication Year: 2010 (English edition)
Overview: Spotlights the Cawdor family’s home along with other elegant establishments in Scotland

first impression:

“OOH!” I love Scotland almost as much as I love Ireland, and I think I remember squealing when I spotted Highland Living on Amazon! I also may or may not have purchased this book just from the looks of the cover… which I never do… but now I do obviously

thing I liked:

  • the streamlined feel of the book
  • its coffee table potential

things I didn’t like:

  • the lengthy text
  • the spotlight on one Scottish family
  • the weight of the book


Important note! I’m rating this book based on coffee table potential. That’s my experience with it because I really wasn’t interested in any of the text. I got it to see all of the beautiful Scotland pictures 😀

The photography was SO beautiful! It’s a great book to flip through, and the quality of the pages and clarity of the pictures was satisfying. My edition is hardcover so it’s quite heavy, but it would have been too flimsy as a paperback.

My rating for the pictures is 8/10 stars! I would love showing this book off to a house guest at my future home someday. It would be a great addition to an inviting living room or family room.

Thanks for reading!

unable to think of a lengthier outro tehe,
— Maggie

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