ten thoughts tuesday

Hello and welcome back to my blog! If this is your first time here, welcome! I write posts on a wide range of topics, from book reviews to personal posts, tags and awards to inspirational articles.

My mom used to share Ten Thoughts Tuesdays posts on her blog back in the day! We’re talking like circa 2012. I’d like to do one today to talk about some things happening in my life recently, as well as invite you to share some of your thoughts today in the comments!

Comment Invitation: What are some thoughts you’ve been having today? (the fun, the deep, the crazy!)

ten thoughts tuesday

  1. I can’t. Stop. Sneezing!
  2. Cutting the grass yesterday was… exhausting.
  3. Oof, there are a lot of blogging changes I’d like to make.
  4. Group chats? They’re the best.
  5. Maybe if I finish my coffee, my sneezing will stop…
  6. Who knew air conditioners weren’t immortal?
  7. I love pastels so much.
  8. Why in the world am I chilli
  9. Maybe because I’m sitting in front of a fan
  10. Why did I spell ‘chilly’ that way

Haha here’s a little backstory! Our air conditioner broke two nights ago and we’re looking at hopefully getting it fixed this morning. As it is now, the air in the house is sticky and warm, and the way it hangs in the air is something I’m not used to.

I helped my mom cut the grass yesterday, but BOY, was that a workout! And just when we’d finished cutting, it started to rain. I was so thankful we got it finished in time.

GOSH I sneezed AGAIN! When I sneeze, I do like four or five in a row. My sinuses are something else.

What are some thoughts you’ve had today? haha share them in the comments!

— Maggie

40 thoughts on “ten thoughts tuesday”

      1. Well, yeah that’s true but… like even if it’s only the 2nd day of 5th grade for me, in one year I’l be in MIDDLE SCHOOL! And I feel like middle school will be hard, and when something is hard, it’s harder for me to learn it! I mean, I feel like middle school will be TOTALLY different…

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      2. Hmm well I had a different school experience obviously, but I remember the grade level of work changing gradually. I didn’t notice a stark difference from one grade to the next, if that helps at all. I’m sure you’ll do great *hugs*

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      1. Yeah I’ll have to come by your blog! I like historical fiction and humor books (not sure if that’s a genre or not lol). One book I finished reading recently was called ‘The Dowry’ by Walter Keady and I really enjoyed that!
        What other books do you like?

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    1. I’m sorry Evin *hugs* 💕 Things are so crazy in the world right now. I’m really looking forward to things eventually being normal again, even if that’s a new normal.

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