the anything is penable challenge #5: my entry

Hello my little chickadees! (Special thanks to Selina @ Spectacular Selina for the inspiration – she has an awesome blog, you need to go check it out!)

This morning, I saw that Phoenix over at Penable hosts a weekly writing challenge on Sundays, which I think is really cool. After reading today’s prompt, I had a fun idea for a little story!

If you’d like to write your own story for this week’s Penable prompt, click here for the details. I’d love to see what you come up with!

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the anything is Penable challenge #5

“Oh no!” Laughing again, Beth leaned forward and attempted to catch the falling ice cream. Her tongue didn’t make it, and the sticky treat went falling onto the patio table.

Derek’s smile was actually a smirk, but it had an endearing quality that Beth just adored. He tilted his head to the side, golden blond hair swaying across his forehead as he said, “I told you, you should’ve had churros.”

Eyeing him warily, Beth assessed just how much of her treat had been sacrificed to the table. More than she wanted to admit. Leaning back in her chair, she shrugged her shoulders playfully and took another lick of the fast-melting sticky goodness.

“Come on, you two!” A dull slap sounded from the side of the pool, which made Beth and Derek turn. Their friend, Bri, was giving them that look. Her multicolored dreads piled high on her head in an impossibly big bun, she motioned to them with a neon acrylic finger. “Quit making love-y eyes at each other and get back in the pool!”

Beth turned back to the table and found a churro in her face. Grinning at her, Derek took a bite from his end and nudged his chin into the air, inviting her to do the same.

In a few quick bites, the churro was gone and they shared a quick kiss. They’d never stopped smiling at each other.

“Ew, you guys!” Bri’s exclamation made both of them laugh.

Clasping hands, the new couple made their way back to the pool.

Thanks for reading! If you’re a writer like me, you could definitely have a lot of fun joining in on this weekly writing challenge. Thanks to Phoenix @ Penable for hosting it!

Comment Invitation: Do you like writing flash fiction?

thinking about extending this short story into a full-length novel,
— Maggie

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