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Hey there! You’re reading a post on Chickadee Lover Maggie, the place where I chat about books I’ve read, things I’m thinking, and what I’m learning. Let’s check out the very first tag post I’ve written for this blog!

Kaelyn over at Kaelyn’s Life nominated/tagged me for the Small Joys tag! She has been an awesome blogging friend since I met her in… what, 2018?? Maybe 2019… haha it’s been a long time! Her blog is one of my favorites to read and I’m really thankful we met. 🙂 Thank you so much for tagging me!

Also CONGRATS to Kaelyn on reaching 100 followers!!! 😀 *parties all around*

I created the featured image, but you can totally use it on your post if you participate in this tag!

the small joys tag


  1. Thank the blogger who tagged you!
  2. List 15 of your Small Joys (They can be as weird, random, and silly as you want to make them!)
  3. Tag 5 blogger friends who bring you joy (and feel free to say why they bring you joy!) Have fun with it!

all of my little joys are in a random, as-they-come-to-mind order. 😉

  1. Bubbles! You can’t tell by the featured image lol, but it’s a picture of a bubble! I love bubbles, especially the tiny ones that have a bunch of little friends.
  2. Air conditioning! Being able to cool off and warm up during the intensely temperatured times of the year is something I’m so thankful for.
  3. Music! I love dancing to it, singing along with it, and making up my own covers of songs!
  4. Piano! A little different from music… it’s so much fun to play!
  5. Fruit! Getting to have a sweet treat that’s naturally delicious is awesome.
  6. Colors! I have no idea WHAT the world would look like without them, but I love the impact color has – its ability to change the mood, warmth, and tone of wherever it is!
  7. Baby animals! Oh my goodness. They’re tiny, oftentimes adorable, and most definitely a small joy to me!
  8. Internet! Okay… not a small joy. BIG joy alert. But I’ll pretend for a moment that it’s an occasional, important part of my life. 😉 ok I’m failing…
  9. Babies! They’re soft, cute, smell amazing (like, baby powder and shampoo scents… not spit-up and poopie diapers, in that case they just smell), and their award-winning smiles get to me every time!
  10. Microwaves! Well where would I be without ours? Snack and mealtime would take an extra hour if I had to heat the water and do all those extra steps, like rolling the dough and mixing the ingredients.. wait that has nothing to do with microwaves
  11. Pre-packaged food! I’d be hungry for longer if I had to harvest all my own food!
  12. Blogging! I love growing as a writer, talking to lots of different awesome people, and creating featured images and theme designs!
  13. Books! I’ve strayed far past small joys… but here we are! I get to learn stuff, feel stuff, and enjoy experiencing millions of story possibilities betwixt the pages!
  14. YouTube! Getting to watch ASMR and most of the music I like listening to on there is awesome.
  15. Laughter! I looove laughing, making others laugh, and seeing others have a great time!

My Nominees:

Hey thanks for reading! This was such a fun tag – I enjoyed thinking of all the little things that make me joyful. 🙂

Comment Invitation: What are some of your small joys?

— Maggie

12 thoughts on “the small joys tag”

  1. Haha I did this too recently! Totally with you on piano and fruit. Ooh bubbles! And music — of course. Aw babies are so cute 😄YES blogging, books, and laughter are all beautiful things!!!!!

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