book review #3: sackett

Hey there! You’ve happened upon a blog post on Chickadee Lover Maggie. This is the place where I share what I’m learning, what I’ve read, what I’m thinking. Thanks for being here! Today I’m catching up on reviewing books I’ve recently read. Let’s boogie.

from the bookshelf

the post series that I’m running out of explanations for!

fast facts

Title: Sackett
Author: Louis L’Amour
Genre: Western Fiction
Pages: 192
Publication Year: 1961
Summary: A restless, wandering cowboy happens upon two valuable things that may or may not change his life forever.
Series Placement: 8/17… what the heck

first impression:

“This one looks good.” I was in the mood to read a good western novel, but I didn’t want one that focused on the violence. There were a lot of Louis L’Amour books to choose from, so I randomly selected this one.

things I liked:

  • the main character
  • the rich descriptions of various landscapes
  • the main character’s interest in reading

things I didn’t like:

  • most of the characters
  • the side plots
  • the tension… yeah why’d I read this


Okay, so maybe I’m guilty of reading it to review it, or to see how fast I could read it, or something. But that’s not so bad, right? Plus, I managed to grab the eighth book in a seventeen-part series so it’s not so horrible that this book wasn’t fantastic. I think it’s purpose for existing (tehe) was to continue the Sackett line. Touching on some events in the main character’s life was for the sake of connecting his ancestors and successors. *shrug*

But what I want to know is why hadn’t I heard of this Louis L’Amour guy before? The back, front, and inside covers of ‘Sackett’ all raved about how famous this writer is, and his Goodreads bio says he was considered “one of the world’s most popular authors.” Uhm, I guess only within certain reading circles lol

I wouldn’t be against reading another L’Amour book… but I also wouldn’t recommend this one. Interested in some very western fiction? This is your guy, to be sure.

Hey, thanks for reading!

Comment Invitation: Have you read any good westerns?

still tryin’ to decipher Sackett of ‘The Sacketts,’
— Maggie

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