book review #2: the dowry

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fast facts

Title: The Dowry
Author: Walter Keady
Genre: Historical Irish Fiction
Pages: 224
Publication Year: 2006
Summary: Love triangles and restless fiancees abound in this humourous tale of rural Ireland in the 1940s.
Series Placement: Standalone

first impression:

“I found an Irish book!!!” I’ve loved Irish movies and TV shows for a long time, but before this point, I’d never read Irish fiction. I hadn’t thought to look it up and it isn’t something I’ll commonly see in the libraries I go to. When I happened upon this one, I was stoked.

things I liked:

  • the majority of the characters
  • the humour and wit
  • the happy ending

things I didn’t like:

  • the size of the text
  • the treatment of certain characters
  • the fact that it’s a standalone novel


I would absolutely recommend this read! As you can see, the ‘cons’ of this story for me weren’t all that negative. If the typeface had been different, and if ‘The Dowry’ had been part of a series, all would be well. 😉

There was just so much going on in this book that was fun to follow along with, from the development of several characters to the resolve that left everyone happy or otherwise content, and just the way Walter Keady wrote the book as a whole. It really resembled the way Irish people actually talk, and the charm and wit betwixt the pages was just divine.

Important Note: This book was adult fiction, and it contained a lot of vulgar terms and foul language, as well as other adult themes. I’d recommend it only to audiences 17+.

Thank you for reading my review! If you love Ireland, or books, or books about Ireland, and you’re 17 or older, you’re a good candidate for enjoying this read as much as I did.

Comment Invitation: Have you read any other books based in Ireland?

how many times can I say ‘read,’
— Maggie

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