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my dad’s in the hospital | life update

Hey guys! I’ve already published another post today, but I want to share this short one as well. (future update: he was admitted to the hospital on March 1st and was discharged that Thursday afternoon [the 4th]. He responded well to the blood pressure medication…

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a photoshoot with baby yoda

Hello!! You’re reading the latest post on maggie’s doodles, the creative lifestyle blog where hilarity and inspiration abound! I hope this post finds you well 💛 I have a new photoshoot to share with you today! While shopping recently, I bought a Mandalorian playset for…

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let’s talk personality: introvert VS extrovert

Hello! I hope you’re having a beautiful day! ❤ I’ve been thinking about doing this blog series for a little bit, so I’m really happy to bring you the first installment today! 🥳💕 Let’s Talk Personality is a four-part series in which I’ll be digging…

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for the love of animals tag!

Hi! ❤ Recently my good blogging friend D @ Random Specific Thoughts tagged me to do the For The Love of Animals tag! Thanks so much D! 😀 💕 Click her blog link to read her post on this tag. for the love of animals…

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{doodling the kind way} day seven

Happy Valentine’s Day! 💞 Hello! Wow – we’ve made it to the grand finale of #doodlingthekindway ! Thanks so much for following along with this series. It was fun to put together and I really enjoyed writing it. 😀 ❤ You can check out all…

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